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My Statler Dream

By Valerie Funk
Author of Quilt Artistry

In 2008, I graduated with a degree in graphic design and photography. It wasn’t long after that when I discovered an ever-growing world of fiber arts and how I could combine my interest in design with a newfound love of quilting, creating my own unique style of quilt artistry. Once I began quilting, I quickly realized I needed my own quilting machine.  I had all these ideas in my head of how I wanted my quilts to be quilted, but as an artist, it was hard for me to turn my work over to someone else and ask them to finish it for me.

In 2011, I began researching longarm quilting machines.  I never could have imagined how much my life would change simply by choosing the right machine for me. I remember when I was researching which longarm to purchase, I would ask people “which machine do I choose?” Everyone’s response was always the same, “you need to try them all and find the one that’s right for you.” So I did.

I went to many quilt shows. I tested many machines and went over all the details that were important to me. Finally, after nearly two years of research, I decided that the Gammill Statler was what I needed.

My machine paved the way toward an entire new world of creative possibilities. If I could dream it, I could stitch it.

Along with the Statler, I was introduced to hundreds of pattern designers that create digital patterns for people like me to use in their quilts. Instead of laboring over each and every design, I was now able to select individual patterns to bring into the Statler software and edit them as needed to fit my vision for any specific style of quilt.

A Whole Cloth Masterpiece With Omni Threads and Karlee Porter Designs

Fall in My World

In 2017, I came across a call for artists from Gammill Quilting. They were having a quilt contest and were seeking small quilts. The theme was “Fall in My World.” I knew this theme was right up my ally and designed two special quilts, “Sublime” and “Fall in My World” for the contest.


A few weeks after submission, I received a phone call from my friends at Gammill congratulating me. Sublime had won first place! Both quilts were accepted into the challenge and toured at national quilt shows around the country for a year.

Fall in My World

I look forward to the many more works of art I will create with my Statler on this amazing journey.


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