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My name is Karlee S., I live in Oregon. I have been writing this letter to Gammill in my head for months so I figured I should just write it already. The purpose of this email is just to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dreams of becoming a longarm quilter a reality!!


It was a year ago in June that I bought another brand of longarm machine, mostly because it was what my dealer in my area had so I didn’t know any better. Over the course of 4 months, I had 4 replacement machines and finally made the decision to part ways with the other brand.
The only reason I didn’t just start with a Gammill was because I didn’t think I could afford it, then a good friend of mine, also a Gammill owner, said “you really can’t afford Not to!”

So, I went to the website one night and was directed to Andrew’s Gammill NW where I met Andrew Weaver who was surprisingly available at 10 pm for online chat. I asked a million questions, and he answered every single one of them, very patiently. Within days and a lot of support from my family I had purchased a Gammill Statler Stitcher 30!
A few weeks later Andrew showed up one evening to deliver and set up my machine staying late into the night and coming back the next day to quilt my first quilt on the Gammill. He taught me so much in that short amount of time! I dove straight in got started quilting for customers and since then have done some really great things.


Every day I say to myself how lucky I am to have this machine and none of it would have been possible without Gammill and Andrew. I am sure there are other great dealers but there is no way any of them come close to how incredible Andrew is. He is always available to answer my endless questions. He has been at my house until midnight to help service my machine. He has become a good friend and is a constant wealth of knowledge and encouragement. Thank you so much for such incredible machinery and support.


I really could go on and on, especially about how much I have learned from your Best of Both Worlds videos, I have a million ideas for more videos!!
So that’s my long winded way of saying Thank You!! Keep making dreams come true!
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“You can’t afford not to buy a Statler”

From: Norma Reel, Owner of Norma’s Embroidery & Quilt Studio

I love my Statler!  Why did I wait so long?

My famous last words are…..”I should have bought my Statler” years ago.   Don’t make the same mistake I did.   Buy your Statler now and let it be your first and last longarm machine.

Don’t let my story be your story.   I have been a quilter since 2002 and started with a short- arm machine to finish my quilts. Then, I got smarter and searched out longarm machines. In 2010 I bought a longarm machine but it wasn’t a Statler.   The price difference kept me away from the Statler so I purchased a longarm machine that “I could afford.”

Big Mistake! Huge Mistake!

In 2014 I got really smart and sold the “Ok” longarm machine I had purchased for my business and went for the “Big Dog” I really wanted when I bought my first machine in 2010 but thought that I could not afford at the time—the Statler!   My first year of using the Gammill Statler my business income increased tremendously!  I couldn’t believe it, I redid my calculations numerous times and went and kissed my Statler.   In one year, my income was beyond double from the previous year, my life was easier because of the ease and professional quality of the Statler, and my customer base was growing by leaps and bounds as my reputation was booming.

It dawned on me that my biggest mistake in 2010 was that if I had bought my Statler at that time I would have had increased my business income for four additional years (2010 to now).   The moral of the story….”You can’t afford not to buy a Statler.”

Buy the Statler and be prepared to be wowed and amazed at your ability to produce quilts faster with the highest professional quality of stitching and have a huge increase in customers. Don’t look any further than the Statler.   Trust me, I am a prime example!




“It has always been by dream to be able to be a stay-at home mom. The Statler has given me the ability to do that, but help with the family finances as well. God-willing, it will allow me to be a stay-at-home grandmother as well.” – Paula C.


“I have no words to put down to show how grateful I am to Gammill and Statler to provide us with a dream-come-true product with a great customer support team. I am not in the quilting business but as a hobby, I enjoy every bit of the Statler.” – Greta M.


“You have opened my world to be creative! Looking forward to retiring and starting a new career.” – Janet N.


I am so proud and grateful to be a Statler owner. This is not my first machine so I really appreciate all of the great things CreativeStudio can do. I am thankful for dealers that can help and for the great help from Gammill technical support when needed.” – Carol, Mississippi


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