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Download CreativeStudio 7.2

CreativeStudio 7.2 Download Now (EXE file)

Please read the installation instructions and download notes below prior to download.

Using CreativeStudio in stand alone mode requires a Windows PC.


CreativeStudio 7.2 Documents & Resources

Installation Instructions and What’s New in CreativeStudio 7.2

Download and Installation Video Instructions CS 7.2  

New Features & Enhancements (Facebook Live Video)

Initial Offline Registration Written Instructions

Offline Registration Video Instructions

Offline Sync Written Instructions

CreativeStudio 7 User Manual (PDF) – Contact your local Gammill dealer to order a printed copy.

CreativeStudio 7 system requirements information

CreativeStudio 7 Training Video Library

CreativeStudio 7 Pattern Catalog (PDF)

CreativeStudio 7 Stand Alone Mode Pattern Catalog (PDF)

Introduction to PatternCloud



CreativeStudio 7 Download Notes

Windows PCs:  Please perform Windows updates for the version you are using prior to downloading CreativeStudio 7.  CreativeStudio 7 requires a minimum of Windows 7.1. If you are using Windows 7.0 you will need to install Service Pack 1. To do so, please visit https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/15090/windows-7-install-service-pack-1-sp.

Windows 10 Stitcher PCs: If CS opens in Stand Alone Mode. Click help and about. If your red key serial number shows as ******, please click here to run an application to solve the issue.

Machine Disconnected: If after install on stitcher it shows machine disconnected: Go to Service/Technical Support, click on Connect Stitcher. It should then say connected in the lower left of the screen. Close CS7 and reopen.

File Formats:  CreativeStudio 7 patterns are saved as .GQP file formats and new projects are saved as .GPROJ. All old CreativeStudio patterns will load into CreativeStudio 7, but old projects will not load. The .GQP and .GPROJ file formats are new, more advanced file formats so they are not backwardly compatible. These formats were created specifically for CreativeStudio 7 and to be read and stitched by CreativeStudio 7. These formats will take CreativeStudio into the future with better stitch quality and faster stitching.

PatternCloud: PatternCloud is a great new place to store your patterns where you can easily access them from another location or restore if you have a computer crash. Visit patterncloud.com to set up an account.

Vision 2.0 Software Downloads

Click the links below to download the latest Gammill Vision 2.0 Software Installation Instructions and Software.

Vision 2.0 Update Installation Instructions PDF

Vision 2.0 Software Download

Vision 2.0 Release Notes PDF

Charm Software Downloads

Click the links below to download the latest Gammill Charm Software Installation Instructions and Software.

Charm Software Download  | APK

Charm Manual | PDF

CreativeStudio 6.0 and earlier

Only registered Statler by Gammill® owners with a provided password can download files marked with “Agreement to terms and login required.”

Click here to obtain a password.

CreativeStudio® 6.0

The CreativeStudio® software may also be purchased on CD. For more information, contact your local dealer.

CreativeStudio®6.0 Software and Install Guide  |  Agreement to terms and login required

Statler by Gammill Pattern catalog 2015 |PDF

CreativeStudio 6.0 Known Issues |PDF

CreativeStudio® 5.0 & Earlier

CreativeStudio® 5.0 Software  |  Agreement to terms and login required

CreativeStudio® 4.2.  |  Agreement to terms and login required

CreativeStudio® 4.1.  |  Agreement to terms and login required

CreativeStudio® 4.0.  |  Agreement to terms and login required

CreativeStudio® 3.0  |  Agreement to terms and login required

CreativeStudio® 2.0  |  Agreement to terms and login required

CreativeStudio® Patch 1.2.0  |  Agreement to terms and login required

CreativeStudio® Patch 1.1.0  |  Agreement to terms and login required

Creative Studio Install Guide  |  Agreement to terms and login required


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