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Tia Curtis


Tia Curtis began quilting as a creative outlet when she was an Army Nurse stationed in Heidelberg, Germany. She took a class offered at the post craft shop, but missed the final class on how to put all the blocks together and how to do the quilting due to having to take a patient back to the US on a Medevac. Fast forward a few years, Tia is no longer active duty, she has three children in diapers and a husband deployed. Her church had a quilt club that offered free childcare. That is where Tia learned the final steps to making a quilt. She has had a project under the needle ever since. Quilting was always Tia’s favorite part of the process. She loved the illustrative art that could pour out of her machine as she quilted. Her first long arm was a second-hand Gammill Supreme. It took up her garage in Texas! She loved how almost the entire quilt could be seen as she quilted. She now quilts with a slightly smaller Gammill but her creativity is as limitless as ever.

Tia Curtis currently lives in Kansas with her husband and three children. She is an award winning quilter, quilt designer and teacher whose work has been featured in numerous books and magazines. She spends her days quilting and thinking up fun classes so she can share her love of quilting with the world.

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