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Gammill uses long-lasting, industrial quality bushings to keep our machines running. As long as these bushings are kept properly oiled, they likely will never need replacement.

What Makes Gammill Oiling Superior?

Bushings can handle the high loads and impacts much better than ball bearings.  The engine in your car doesn’t use ball bearings for the crankshaft, camshaft, etc. for the same reason – they can’t handle the stresses and won’t have the life you expect.  Would you want to rebuild the engine in your car every year?  No – and we don’t expect you rebuild your quilting machine yearly either, so we use the most durable bearing option possible.

Gammill’s industrial quality bearings and bushings keep our machines running all day, every day for years. Most of Gammill’s original machines are still quilting out in the world today more than 35 years later. The Gammill has been proven to last for decades. Plus, Gammill machines do not have to be taken to a dealer for an annual oiling maintenance process. A few minutes of oiling each week saves you the time and expense of a visit to the dealership or service call.

How it works

All Gammill needle bar, hopping foot, and shaft bushings are made of long-lasting steel. These industrial quality bushings require an oil film to maintain low friction and low wear on the bushings. This keeps the machine running efficiently and quietly. Each machine features an effective wick oiling system. The wicks are oiled through central oiling locations and as the bushings begin to warm, they pull more oil as needed.

Alternatives to Oil

Some other companies in the industry use “permanently” lubricated bushings. These are made of a softer material, such as bronze or brass, and are manufactured so that the oil is built in. These softer bushings have a limited lifespan and are normally designed for locations with limited movement. Forces and frictions that generate too much heat (which happen in fast moving machinery like quilting machines)can cause the oil to evaporate out of the bushing. Even without a great deal of force or friction, oil can evaporate over time.  If the bushing loses its lubrication it must be replaced.

How long does oiling take

Oiling a Gammill is a quick and easy process! Check out this video (LINK). Once you become accustom to the process, oiling a Gammill machine can take less than a minute.

Oiling Tips

Oil the machine every day you use it. If the machine has not been used for several days oil it the night before to allow the oil time to work its way through. If excessive oil drips from the bottom of the machine, decrease the frequency or volume of oiling. Each machine is different, and different environments are different. Each customer must learn the oiling routine that works best for them and how often they use the machine.

Over Oiling

It is important that a small amount of oil is present in the oil ports at all time. However, too much oil may cause excess oil to seep from some part of the machine. No damage to the machine can occur from over-oiling. However, because of the excess oil, it is a good idea to park the machine away from the quilt when not in use and to wipe down the table and machine before loading, unloading or quilting the quilt

Under Oiling

Some indications of the need to oil the machine or hook are a change in sound as you quilt or a bobbin and/or bobbin case that is hot to the touch. Other indicators could be that the machine is now tighter than it was before. If you experience any of these issues or other concerns, please contact your dealer for assistance.

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