Gammill employs individuals at our West Plains and Columbia, Missouri, locations. Here are the team members you will work with when contacting our company.

Management Team

Michelle Weaver – General Manager
Michelle joined Gammill in 2014. She brings an entrepreneurial background with experience in the sewing industry and in education. She and her husband Andrew have been happily married for 17 years. In her spare time she enjoys nature, stargazing, long scenic drives and playing goalie for her hockey team.

Jennifer Smith – Operations Manager
Jennifer joined Gammill in January of 2014. She brings a strong marketing and sales background to Gammill. Jennifer received a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix with an emphasis in marketing and management. She and her husband Greg have been married since January 1992 and have three children, Ashley, Tayler, and Isaac. Jennifer served as an Ambassador for the Greater West Plains Area Chamber of Commerce and as the Heart of the Ozarks United Way Board President.

Rob Webb – Quality Assurance Department


Inocencio (Chencho) Leija – Senior Accountant
Chencho has been with Gammill since February 2008 and his responsibilities include Financial Accounting and Human Resources. Chencho was born and raised in central Mexico in the state of San Luis Potosi. At the age of 15, he moved to Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Glencoe High School in Hillsboro, OR. He went on to study at Portland State University School of Business Administration where he obtained degrees in Accounting and General Management. In January 2008, he and his family moved to West Plains, MO. Chencho and his wife have three children

Customer Service and Support Team

Eric Smith – Tech Support Manager
Eric joined the Gammill family in February 2018.He began in table assembly and currently brings several years experience in an emergency call center to his role as tech support manager. Originally hailing from Illinois, he has lived in West Plains since 1992 and considers Missouri his true home. Eric and his wife, Melanie, have three sons and two dogs at home. When not at Gammill, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids watching movies, playing video games, board games, and disc golf.

Lana Adams – Office Supervisor
Lana joined Gammill in September of 2013.  She processes and ships all parts and supplies.  Lana is married and has 2 children, Braxton and Kynsley.  Lana enjoys spending time with her children and family.

Lis Groe – Customer Support
Lis joined Gammill in July of 2009.  She began her career with Gammill in the supply department but transitioned into a technician and trainer in 2013.  Lis has been to most of the major quilt shows around the country. In her spare time, Lis spends time playing with her two adorable dogs, practicing martial arts, and watching science fiction movies.

Mike Caldwell – Tech Support
Mike joined Gammill in November 1985.  He began by working with Ken Gammill at the store on Washington Ave.  Mike has delivered quilting machines, worked at various quilting shows, and trained customers all over the USA, including Alaska.  Mike has been married to Donna for 48 years.  They have one son, Chris, who also works at Gammill.

Kenny Collins – Electrical Supervisor
Kenny joined Gammill in March of 2009.  However, he has wired hand-guided quilting machines since 1999, when the wiring was previously subcontracted to KC Shops. He enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his grandchildren. He has been married for 35 years and has two daughters.


Matt Sherman – Engineering Manager
Matt is the author of CreativeStudio, a Computer-Aided Drafting Manufacturing Application that is used worldwide. He is an artistic programmer who has a great interest in robotics and in helping others become more creative. His development of CreativeStudio from the ground up has been exciting project that continues to this day and into the future. Merging Technology with Creativity is what Matt is good at. His goal is to make a robotic control interface that is as easy to use as a paint brush is for an artist. Matt has been with Gammill since March 2005.

Bart Spurling – Research & Development Specialist
Bart joined the company in January 2005.  He and his wife have been blessed with five children, triplet boys and a twin boy and girl. He has always been interested in technology – agricultural, mechanical, and electronic. Bart resides in Fulton, Missouri and grows vegetables for the farmers market with his wife and children, and tries to satisfy his technological curiosity with Raspberry Pi projects.

Justin Walgamuth – Engineering Technician
Justin joined Gammill in April of 2005.  He is an Engineering Technician dealing directly with Statler machines the past 11 years.  He works to help improve electrical and troubleshooting processes and also works on projects to better the customer experience.  Justin is married with two kids and too many cats.  He has a few tattoos and possibly an unhealthy obsession with both Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) and Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain).

Paul & Mildred Statler – Creators of Statler by Gammill
A life-long inventor, Paul owned his own electronics business at the age of 15, mastered multiple electronic equipment during four years in the Air Force, and worked 26 more years with the VA in biomedical technology. After retiring, Paul began a new career when he built the first Statler Stitcher for his wife, Mildred, in 1990 and they began production quilting. Paul continued improving the system and the first machine with Statler Stitcher technology was sold in 1994. To this day, Paul and Mildred continue to build and improve the Statler by Gammill.  In addition, Paul loves to share his talents and knowledge, providing training and guidance to Statler users and instructors.

Andrew Weaver – Machine Whisperer 
Andrew first started servicing machines for customers at age eleven. In the past 30+ years he has serviced thousands of sewing machines of all makes and models.Andrew serviced a Gammill machine for the first time around 1990 and fell in love at first sight with the machine. He spent six years as a Gammill dealer prior to coming to Gammill, Inc full time in 2018.

Andy Hemphill – Engineering Technician & Support
Andy has worked in technical support roles in the industry for the past six years. In his spare time he enjoy working with mechanical and electronic devices, computers, and reading.


Shandi Brinkman – Marketing Director
Shandi joined Gammill in March 2015. She has more than 15 years of Marketing, Public Relations and Media experience. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and a Masters Degree in Administration and Communications from Missouri State University. She and her husband, Allen, have one son, Jonah, and a daughter, Marat. In her free time, she enjoys long-distance running.

Lisa Schiffleger – Data Analyst 
Lisa joined Gammill in August 2018. She comes to the company with decades of experience as a seamstress and quilter. She enjoys detail, whether it be working on an Excel spreadsheet or inspecting the stitches of the quilt she just quilted on her Gammill longarm. Working in the quilting industry allows her to be surrounded by quilting 24/7, and that’s a good thing. Lisa enjoys winters here in the Ozarks because it allows her to spend her spare time sewing and quilting in front of the wood stove. She has a married daughter and twin sons that live far and wide. As an empty nester she as extra rooms for a sewing room, quilting room and . . . a fabric room.

Ashley Smith – Marketing Assistance
Ashley joined Gammill in March 2020 as Marketing Assistant. She brings 7 years of marketing experience to the team. While not at work, Ashley serves on the worship team, in kids and youth ministries, and runs a foster care ministry at Endurance Church. In her free time, she enjoys making music, painting, and binge watching TV shows.

Production and Warehouse Team

Kent Adams – Warehouse Manager
Kent joined Gammill in March 2011. He began with table assembly and worked in various parts of the warehouse including sewing off machines and technical support prior to becoming Warehouse Manager. He and his wife, Lana, have two children. He enjoys hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and spending time with friends and family.

Mary Foley – Production Manager
Mary has been employed with Gammill at the Statler facility since July 2011, but her association with the company goes back to day one as she is the daughter of Paul and Mildred Statler. Her duties at Statler include building cables, producing videos, inventory, shipping, quality testing and all around keeping everything organized. She grew up in Columbia, Missouri. She and her husband, Tim, were married on Nov. 5, 1988 and have six children. Her hobbies include video work, creating music either playing live or producing tracks on the computer, singing, and loves being involved with the local theater.

Chris Caldwell – Shipping
Chris joined Gammill in September 2000. He began in table assembling. He now takes care of shipping, small part box assembly and loading and unloading trucks. In 2014, Chris earned a degree in Audio Engineering and Music production. Chris and his wife, Marietta, have been married since 2010. He enjoys playing music and spending time with family and friends.

Angela Ruebling-  Production
Angela has worked for Gammill since 2005. She builds head parts and Retro kits at the Statler production facility. She lives on a farm in Central Missouri. She loves to produce a high-quality product and take pride in her work. She enjoys reading, gardening and movies.

Brandon Collins – Electrical Shop

Richard Wood – Machine Technician
Richard joined Gammill in October 2009. He spent 20 years serving our nation. Richard enjoys hunting, fishing and traveling. He has been married for 31 years to his best friend and has three daughters and grandchildren.

Kyle Mings – Shipping
Kyle joined Gammill in November 2007. He began with table assembly and has worked in various parts of the warehouse. He now works in the electrical shop. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with family.

James Lockerby – Driver

Al Hargis – Production
After serving as a direct contractor for a period of time, Al became a full time employee at Statler in 2003. He married in 1973 and taught high school for 34 years, all but two of those years were at Hickman in Columbia, Missouri. Hobbies include reading, electronics, and amateur radio; call sign WD0AFE.

Bonnie Phillips – Production

Bobby Ware – Production

Daniel Johnson – Production 
Daniel joined Gammill in early 2020. He grew up in West Plains, Missouri and has lived there  most of his life. He is married with four children, three girls and a boy. He and his wife spend most of their free time at their children’s events. He also enjoys working on crafting small woodwork pieces and restoration projects.

Aaron Stanley – Production 
Aaron joined Gammill in 2020 after a 14-year career as an auto mechanic.  He enjoys spending time with his daughter and his girlfriend of nearly 10 years.  He also loves riding motorcycles and owns two Harley Davidsons.

Dylan Anderson
Dylan joined Gammill in 2020. Dylan is committed to customer service, problem solving and a keen attention to detail.  He previously managed a restaurant for more than 24 years. He has been married since 1996 and has four children. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, seeking adventure and exploring new things.