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Located in Emmett, Idaho and Billings, Montana, Highland Gammill is owned by Doug and Heather Cartwright.

The two opened their first quilting business in 2008.

“Doug suggested that we open a fabric store and I jumped right on that before he could change his mind!” Heather said.

The Quilt Barn was born; a quilting, sewing, knitting, all things crafty paradise.  The brick and mortar shop was located in Kimberly, Idaho in a fabulous 100 year old historic building with decorative tin ceilings and quilts hanging from railings that surrounded over 6000 square feet of utter textile deliciousness.

During this time, the Cartwrights purchased 2 Gammill Statler longarm quilt machines to meet the demands of their customers for edge to edge and custom quilting.  For the next 7 years, those two machines ran 8 hours a day, 6 days a week quilting beautiful quilts for their customers.

“We came to love the dependability and quality of our Gammills,” Heather said.

Seven years, and thousands of new friends later, the family relocated to the Boise area and opened a Longarm Quilting Studio.

They continued to provided longarm quilting for customers, designers, and manufacturers throughout the country.

In addition,  Heather’s work has been published in both domestic and international magazines, displayed at quilt market, and even a pattern book or two.

“When the opportunity was presented to become the Gammill Dealer for Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, the whole family was excited!” Heather said. “It seems like such a seamless progression for us as we have become such big believers in Gammill products and culture.”

The entire family is joining in the adventure.  Their son, Logan, and daughter in-law, Vanessa, operate a second location in Billings, Montana. Doug and Heather will be running the Idaho and Wyoming area, and overseeing operations in Montana.

“We look forward to continuing the long standing Gammill traditions of superior products, innovative advancements, and excellent customer service and training in the Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming territory,” Heather added.

Montana Location

Highland Gammill
3645 S 56th St W #2
Billings, Montana 59101
Phone: 406-894-0175

Idaho Location

Highland Gammill
Emmett, Idaho
Phone: 208-250-9277 (by appointment)

Wyoming Subdealer

Jenny Ms Quilting Co.
Jennifer & Dan Lorch
419 S Washington St
Afton, Wyoming 83110