An Entry-Level Computerized Quilting System

Increase your productivity and expand your creative options with the Elevate®. The Elevate allows you to quickly place, edit, and quilt edge-to-edge and block patterns. Use the virtual stitchout feature to watch the path your machine will take before it even starts. Simply hit start to begin quilting your perfect pattern. Switch back and forth between hand and computer guided in a few seconds without losing your place.

More Than 500 Patterns Included

Integrated pattern management allows you to browse, search, and add keyword tags. The Elevate comes with more than 500 free patterns available for download from the Gammill PatternCloud™. Plus, use Gammill’s CreativeStudio® 7.0 software in stand alone mode to edit or create new patterns that you can instantly sync to your Elevate tablet. View the Elevate Pattern Catalog (PDF)

Visit the Elevate video library for more videos.


Select from block, single row, or edge-to-edge quilting. Create pattern boundaries following the on-screen prompts. Browse the Elevate’s pattern manager to select and import the perfect pattern.



Edit the pattern, adjust the margins, increase and decrease repeats and rows, and adjust spacing between patterns. Use resize, re-position, nudge, auto-fit, rotate, delete,
and flip to achieve your desired look.



Use the virtual stitchout feature to watch the path your machine will take before it even starts. Simply hit start to begin quilting your perfect pattern.


Elevate Features

  • Edge-to-Edge
  • Block Patterns
  • Create Boundaries
  • Re-position
  • Resize
  • Nudge
  • Auto Fit
  • Rotate
  • Delete
  • Flip
  • Import
  • Repeat Patterns
  • Pattern Tags
  • Motion Control Software
  • Thread Break Tracking
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Zoom
  • Stitch in the Ditch
  • Live Preview

Elevate Version 2.0

Elevate Version 2.0 is now available for Gammill Elevate users! The new software features several enhancements and improvements including the ability to place rows at an angle, flip a single row or rotate an entire row. It is a free upgrade for Elevate owners.  Visit the Software Page for more information about this update.

Machines & Pricing

The Elevate is available for Gammill Vision™, Vision 2.0 and Plus Machines.
The retrofit is installed by Gammill’s authorized and factory-trained dealers.
The Elevate may also be purchased in combination with a new Vision 2.0,
Gammill’s hand-guided machine system.

MSRP in US Dollars. Pricing does not include freight, delivery, installation/set-up and training.

For existing Gammill Vision, Vision 2.0 and Plus Machines

VISION 2.0 18-8 WITH ELEVATE   |  $20,999
18” throat space, 13.25” quilting area, HomePro Table

VISION 2.0 22-10 WITH ELEVATE  |  $23,999
22” throat space, 16.5” quilting area, Pivotal Access Table

VISION 2.0 26-10 WITH ELEVATE  |  $26,999
26” throat space, 20” quilting area, Pivotal Access Table

VISION 2.0 30-12 WITH ELEVATE  |  $29,999
30” throat space, 23.4” quilting area, Pivotal Access Table

Frequently Asked Questions

On what machines can an Elevate be added?

The Elevate can be installed on a Vision, a Vision 2.0 or a Plus (stitch-regulated) Machine. If installing the Elevate on an 18-inch Premier Plus, it must have a Breeze track or a Breeze track upgrade must be added along with the Elevate.  The Elevate can be purchased as a retrofit for an existing machine or purchased in combination with a Vision 2.0 for a complete quilting system.

Will you have an Elevate available for minus machines?

Gammill now offers more upgrade options than ever before for older Gammill machines. In most cases you can upgrade your existing machine to any current model. This means a machine could become a Vision 2.0, a Vision 2.0 with Elevate, or a Statler.  For more information, please contact your local Gammill dealer.

What is included with the Elevate?

The Elevate includes: computerization mechanics for motion control, tablet, Elevate software, more than 500 free patterns available for download, warranty, integrated pattern management.

What are the features of the Elevate? Can I edit patterns?

The Elevate allows you to quickly and easily place and quilt blocks, single rows, or multiple rows for edge-to-edge quilting. You can edit the patterns via the tablet with tools like reposition, resize, nudge, autofit, rotate, delete, flip, repeat patterns, increase/decrease repeats. It also offers thread break tracking, zoom, variable speed control, integrated pattern management, and a resettable clock and stitch count. You can also mark boundaries, allowing you to stitch in the ditch. And, you can use Gammill’s CreativeStudio 7.0 software in stand alone mode on a computer to edit patterns to upload to your Elevate tablet.

How is the Elevate different from a Statler?

The Elevate allows you to quickly and easily place and quilt block and edge-to-edge patterns from the convenient tablet. The Statler and CreativeStudio software offer a multitude of tools for customizing and creating patterns. Additional tools on your Statler include trims and fills, order join, borders and corners, nodes and much more that offer you limitless design and stitching abilities.

Can I purchase additional patterns for the Elevate?

Yes, in addition to the 500 free patterns that come with your Elevate, you can browse, search and purchase patterns from the Gammill PatternCloud (patterncloud.com). The system uses a GQP format.

What is the warranty?

The standard Gammill Warranty applies.

I already have a Vision 2.0, do I need a new tablet?

Yes, the advanced capabilities of the Elevate require greater processing power than the Vision 2.0 tablet. The tablet is included in the price of the Elevate. If you purchased your Vision 2.0 or a replacement tablet from Gammill after July 2017, your tablet may not need to be replaced. Please contact your dealer for more information. Please note, the Elevate does require a genuine Gammill tablet.

How is the stitch quality on the Elevate?

We at Gammill are very excited for quilters to experience the stitch quality of the Elevate. The programming that drives the Elevate is the same programming and logic that is used to drive the Statler by Gammill. This means it has more than 25 years of development, testing and progress behind it. View a demo of the Elevate stitching by clicking here.

How difficult is the software to use?

It is extremely simple! Here is what others are saying:
“Within two hours of beginning practice on the computerized machine, I felt confident enough to pin on a whole cloth quilt and go for it! With just a few taps on the tablet, I was able to repeat the design placement just where I wanted it and begin quilting.” – Lisa Schiffleger, Hand-Guided Quilter

“I think anyone can learn the Elevate software in no time. It is simple, easy to use and very intuitive. The program guides you through the process step-by-step. If you have been hesitant to try computerized quilting; this is a fantastic way to jump in!” Georgia Stull, CreativeStudio Educator

Can I still hand-guide on my machine with an Elevate?

Absolutely! Switching to and from hand-guided mode can be done in seconds. And, you can even switch to hand-guided while in the middle of a project and then resume your computerized quilting. This can be great for filling odd spaces.

Will the Plus machine with Elevate have hand-guided tablet controls?

No, the hand-guided process for quilting on a Plus machine will be the same as before. The tablet will have the Elevate pattern tab and not the Vision 2.0 hand-guided buttons. The Vision 2.0 with Elevate will continue to have the same hand-guided tablet controls and buttons as before.

Are software updates free?

Yes, software updates for the Elevate will be free. You will receive a notification when there has been an update and will download it through the tablet.

Will the Elevate improve my productivity

In addition to the many amazing features of the Elevate, here are some ways the Elevate can help you, whether you are a hobbyist or professional quilter:

  • Less strain on your body and muscles.
  • More free time to do other things while your machine is stitching.
  • Find feathers troubling or some patterns tedious? You will have hundreds of new patterns and techniques to pick from and can add something new every day
Where can I learn more about the Elevate?

Here are just some of the resources available for learning more about the Elevate by Gammill.

Configure your dream quilting system

Contact a dealer for more information

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