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When you buy a Gammill, you aren’t just purchasing a longarm quilting machine, you are joining a community of support.

Gammill and our network of professional dealers want to make sure you know how to use your machine to its full potential to create beautiful quilts. This begins with delivery and installation from a Gammill-trained professional who will come to your location to properly set up and install your quilting machine. It continues with ongoing training, education and support from your local Gammill dealer, a professional whose goal is to answer your questions and assist you with your machine.

Now through April 30, when you purchase a Statler by Gammill or Vision 2.0 by Gammill you’ll receive this professional delivery, installation and training for FREE. Plus, you’ll receive vouchers that can be redeemed from your local Gammill dealer for ongoing training and classes. And, with a Statler or Statler Retrofit, you will also receive a FREE laptop with our state-of-the-art software, CreativeStudio. This allows you to take the laptop to classes and events to learn alongside the instructor or to design quilts and patterns anywhere, anytime that you can later quilt on your Statler.

Knowing your machine will be properly installed, having the assurance of ongoing support and continuing education, plus receiving the tools you need for training mean you’ll be able to enjoy your new machine and the time you spend quilting from the very first day.