CreativeStudio 7.0 and 7.1 Requirements

To better serve our family of quilters, CreativeStudio 7.0, CreativeStudio 7.1, and future versions of the software will require your Stitcher to be connected to a genuine Gammill computer in order to quilt with the software.

You will still be able to utilize the software in Stand Alone Mode on laptops and other non-genuine computers. You may also continue to use CreativeStudio 6.0 and prior on Statlers connected to non-genuine computers.

There are several reasons for this new requirement.

To give you the best experience possible
The Gammill computer is not like the computer you purchase at a store or online. It has been specifically configured to operate a powerful piece of machinery. A great deal of research and development goes into configuring this computer so that it provides a seamless experience and problem-free operation. The Statler is designed to function as a complete system with the computer being an essential component. In order for your machine to perform optimally and give you the best quilting experience, your Statler should be operated with a genuine computer.

To provide better customer support
Although not recommended, it has been possible to make other “off the shelf” computers work with the Statler. However, time and time again we see extensive problems as a result. Technical support receives a large volume of service calls related to the use of non-genuine computers. Technical support must troubleshoot problems that result from using computers that were not designed to be a part of the Statler system or operate the machine. This change will allow our technical support team to better diagnose issues and serve customers in a timely and efficient manner.

To protect the CreativeStudio software
In the past, Gammill has used a physical red key system to secure the Statler system. Moving forward, advancing technology allows us to secure the system from within the computer and software. Better security for our system and protection of our brands allows us to continue to develop the best software on the market and provide it to our Statler customers free of charge. As an added convenience, because the software will automatically detect if a computer is genuine, you will be able to download CreativeStudio 7.0 directly from the website without a password.



What is a genuine Gammill computer?
A genuine Gammill computer is a computer configured and distributed by Gammill and purchased through a Gammill dealer.

Do I need to verify with Gammill that my computer is genuine?
No, the software will automatically recognize if it is loaded onto a genuine computer. If so, you will be able to connect to your stitcher. If not, you will be able to operate the software in Stand Alone Mode. If the software does not recognize the computer and you believe you have a genuine Gammill computer, please contact technical support for assistance at 800-659-8224 ext. 2.

What if I do not want to purchase a new computer?
You are welcome to continue using CS6 or previous versions of CreativeStudio.

How can I order a new computer?
You may contact your local Gammill dealer to order a computer.

What is the cost of a genuine Gammill computer?
MSRP for a genuine Gammill computer is $1,499. This does not include fees such as shipping and handling. Please contact your local Gammill dealer for an exact price.

What is different about a Gammill computer?
The computer that is used and sold by Gammill is not an “off the shelf” product. It is a computer that has been configured specifically for the Statler to produce the best results possible.

Why does the Gammill computer cost more than an “off the shelf” model?
Many “off the shelf” models are priced very similarly or higher than a Gammill computer. Computers designed to run machinery, such as the Statler, often run thousands of dollars higher than a Gammill computer. Although it is possible to purchase a computer for under $500, this is not the caliber of computer needed to operate an advanced quilting machine. Our engineers work hard to configure a computer that is cost effective and allows your machine to perform optimally.

What are the other system requirements for CS7?
Other system requirements are the same as those for CreativeStudio 6.0: Windows 7 or higher, Ethernet controllers (Mod A & up) only. As Microsoft is no longer supporting XP, the latest libraries are no longer XP compliant and therefore we can no longer support XP. Mod 3s are also not supported (CS 4.2 was the last version to support the Mod 3). This is because the latest Galil libraries would require the Mod 3 to be re-chipped. This would require inefficient code in CS and greatly reduce the performance of your Mod 3 machine.

The Gammill PC must have shipped with Windows 7 or newer. Gammill does not support PCs that have gone through an operating system upgrade, other than returning those PCs back to their original shipped date.


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