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Get even more out of CreativeStudio by creating your own patterns with a few simple clicks.  The first part of the class will focus on creating several simple patterns.  We will spend the remainder of the class learning how to use those new patterns in powerful ways to create a custom look and feel that will take your quilting to the next level.  The tools and features highlighted in this class include:  Draw arc/line/pattern; apply pattern; circular array; fill/boundaries; saving patterns; and pattern properties.  This class will be taught in SAM. You will be amazed how much you can learn!

Video Index
Parallel Lines Part 1 – Draw the Pattern
Parallel Lines part 2: Repeat Patterns, how to use your lines
Parallel Lines – Part3 : More how to use your lines
Parallel Lines – Part4: Using Fill with your lines
Deep V part1: Creating the pattern
Deep V part 2: Borders
Deep V part 3: Fill
DeepV part 4: Major Element
Triple Cheveron & Triple Arc part1: Triple Cheveron
Triple Cheveron & Triple Arc part2: Triple Arc
Triple Cheveron & Triple Arc part3: Using Triples
Onion part1: Creating the Onion
Onion part2: Creating the Onion Petal
Clarifications to the Onion pattern
Concentric Circles part1: Drawing the Circles
Concentric Circles part2: Using the Circles
Concentric Circles part3: Bonus Curved Crosshatch
Pearl Beads part1: Drawing Pearls
Pearl Beads part2: Drawing the Beads
Pearl Beads part3: Using the Beads
Cheveron Border & Curvy Border part1: Drawing the patterns
Cheveron Border & Curvy Border part2: Using the patterns
Piano Keys part1: Basic piano keys
Piano Keys part2: Variations
Clamshells part1: Drawing the Clamshells
Clamshells part2: Using the Clamshells
Bonus: Taking the Clamshells to the Elevate
Square Spiral part1: Drawing the pattern
Square Spiral part2: Square Curves
Square Spiral part3:Asymetric Grid
Wrap Up

Skill Level

This class would be ideal for computerized quilters of an intermediate skill level.
“An intermediate user might be someone who
Has completed several quilts with their machine
Is confident using the skills presented in new owner training”

Course Contents

Thirty-three videos totaling 3 hours and 10 minutes

Videos include: Drawing the Clamshells, Creating the Onion, Using the Beads and  Triple Arc

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