Family Quilts

By Michelle Grable With three young children and a large family farm, quilting has given me a career I love that still allows me the flexibility to enjoy time with my family. Now, quilting has become an activity I can even share with my children. My oldest daughter finished her first quilt at the age of… Read More


  Kris Vierra, Gammill Quilt Artist —————————————- Tiger, Tiger Tiger, Tiger is probably my favorite quilt. It was designed for a themed show where the theme was optical illusions. I wanted to think outside the box, literally. I figured most people would go for geometric illusions, where as I had always been fascinated with more subtle… Read More


Pieced by Brittany Bowen Burton Quilted by Natalia Bonner Gammill Quilt Artist Piece N Quilt My Quilter’s Story by Natalia Bonner Brittany Bowen Burton designed and pieced this gorgeous quilt. It started out as an improv quilt but turned into this beautiful representation of “The Madonna.” When Brittany brought me this gorgeous quilt and asked… Read More

The Lost Quilts

By Karen Sievert Gammill Quilt Artist Count your Blessings, not your woes It’s a saying I’ve heard throughout my life but it took a tragic event for me to realize how truly blessed I am. On September 16, 2016, shortly after putting on my pajamas, my daughter noticed smoke coming into the kitchen from… Read More

Tie Quilt

By Patricia Coleman Hudman The Beginning of Melody Hill Quilts For the past 14 years, I’ve been sharing my love of quilting with clients. My Mother and I began our business, Melody Hill Quilts, together in 2002.  We work as a team, with her piecing the tops and me at the Gammill longarm… Read More