HDMI monitor
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I just purchased a statler computer with cs7 from my dealer.  I am trying to set it up, but have a hdmi monitor which i use on my old computer.  does the statler computer (new one) have hdmi capability?     the VGA does not work well on my monitor images are horizontly stretched and it warps my vision.  no problem with how the hdmi monitor works.   I did try changing the resolution on the vga and it kept the horizontal stretch no matter what i chose, also no matter what resolution i used the cs7 or cs6 computer vga kept the stretch.  would appreciate any help on this, if it does not have hdmi capability on the cs7 computer can i install it with a board?
Suzie Erickson

Re: HDMI monitor
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From our tech support department: The newest computers do not have an HDMI port on them. They do have a Display port. You can get a Display to HDMI adapter and use the Display port.  Please let us know if when can assist with anything further. Thank you!