CS7 is going to be fantastic!
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Well, home from the CS7 workshop. I want to thank At the Heart Quilting in Beloit Wisconsin for putting on this workshop. Any many thanks to JoAnn Knight and Pat Barry for an interesting and informative program.  CS7 will be a new jewel when it finally appears in its final form!

Like always after these workshops, my head is crammed so full of all the information concerning the new features and tools and improved featrues and tools, they are leaking out my ears.

I am so looking forward to when the new working version is released, it will be worth the wait.

I would like to list the features but as I look at my notes, (6 double sided pages) it would take to long! I am listing a few, remember they are still improving and correcting so things may change and even get better.and I cannot remember everything, these are just the highlights I can remember.

Pattern manager is the greatest improvement, taking the time to further organize and even reorganize existing patterns will be worth it. Being able to: develop your own pattern catalogs, mark favorite patterns, sort by categories, newest, favorites, author, or alphabetical. Further categorize by collections and your personal tags. Dragging the pattern from sorted list directly into your project. In the future, being able to download a pattern before you purchase to see if it works, are just a few of the ways that pattern manager can work for you.

The current pattern selected is now the universal color of highlighting yellow, makes it really easy to be sure what pattern you are using.

 Boundries no longer have a baseline, (default) you can add these feature back if you use it.  You can now echo a boundry or a trim.

You can set up one edge to edge with a pattern, and then by clicking on another pattern, it will "pop" into the set up you have already developed. Great way to show a customer multiple options for a quilt, with just a click.

Can change stitch length on the fly, speed on the fly.  Remember trying to use the control arrow, to move patterns and the move too far, Alt key and arrow "slides" that pattern instead of jumping it.

You can draw multiple boundries and trims at one time. Circular array is a great feature and so much easier to use in the new version.

Pattern set up is easier, and seeing the attributes is also easier. borders and corners can be used in SAM, same with edge to edge (I think)

These are just a few, like I said cant remember them all off the top of my head. Also I need to be off and catch up on customer quilts.

If you get the opportuintiy to go to a workshop that introduces CS7 my suggestion is to GO! 

Oh, by the end of the workshop, I have forgiven Gammill for the "butt ugly" visual interface.

The way CS7 will improve and enhance the ability to accomplish tasks more quickly is worth the trade off.

Thanks Matt Sherman and Gammill.
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Re: CS7 is going to be fantastic!
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So glad to hear this and that you enjoyed the conference! Thank you for the feedback  :)