Maintenance & Setup Videos


Replacing Needles

Needle Bar Height


Oiling the Machine 18-8 Model

Oiling the Machine 22, 26, 30, 36 models

Machine Oiling of Bushings for Squealing


OB Bobbin Winder Thread Removal and Maintenance

OB Bobbin Winder Function & Adjustment

OB Bobbin Winder Disc Drive



OB Bobbin Winder O’Ring Replacement

Bobbin Case Tension Adjustment

Replacing the OB Bobbin Winder



Hopping Foot Height Adjustment

Hopping Foot Stroke Adjustment

Hopping Foot Timing Adjustment


Rocking Finger Timing

Rocking Finger Adjustment

Motor Belt Tension Adjustment


Checking the Timing of the Sewing Hook and Machine Timing Adjustment

Rotary Checkspring Assembly

Antibacklash Spring Replacement


Towa Gauge

Microfill Handles Installation

Leveling the Table


Replacing RS Switches





Threading & Maintaining Your Bobbin Winder Features of the Stand Threading the Machine
Cleaning & Oiling the Machine Loading the Quilt Operation of the Machine
Free Motion Quilting Pantograph Using the Accessories
Home Pro Assembly



Stand Features

Section 2: Features of the Stand

Cleaning And Oiling

Section 3: Cleaning and Oiling the Machine


Section 4: Threading the Machine

Loading Quilt

Section 5: Loading the Quilt