The following individuals are CreativeStudio Version 6 Certified Statler Instructors. Featured are tutorials, videos and projects by individual instructors. The complete list of instructor projects is listed at the bottom of the page.


















CreativeStudio 5.0 & Earlier Projects

Trim (by Julie Crossland)

Piecing Half-Square Triangles (by Julie Crossland)

Crosshairs (by JoAnn Gruber)

Tips (by JoAnn Gruber)

Zoom Feature (by John Gruber)

Tips (by John Gruber)

Hierarchy (by John Gruber)

Tie Off Feature (by John Gruber)

Setting Up and Using Power Assist (by Kristin Harper)

Creating a Boundary (by Page Johnson)

Pan & Zoom (by Page Johnson)

Set Up an Edge to Edge Design (by Page Johnson)

Keypad (by JoAn Knight)

Border Corner Tip (by JoAn Knight)

Point of Origin (by JoAn Knight)

Borders and Corners (by Darla Parks)

Text (by Darla Parks)

Virtual Stitch Out (by Darla Parks)

Pattern Anchors (by Georgia Stull)

Pattern Selection (by Georgia Stull)

Pattern Management (by Georgia Stull)

Convert Menu (by Sharon Sweetland)

Help Menu (by Sharon Sweetland)

Applique the Modern Way (by Sharon Sweetland)

Introduction to Circular Array (by Debbie Tribble)

Exporting Patterns (by Debbie Tribble)

Dream Weaver Quilting (by Debbie Tribble)

Play with your Drawing Tools (by Marty Vint)

Using Fill (by Marty Vint)

Accessing the User Manual (by Marty Vint)