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Computer-Guided Quilting
Statler by Gammill

The art of quilting using specialized software and a computer controlled longarm machine. Computer-guided quilters enjoy precision quilting at its best. Layout of an entire quilt is much easier with the use of the computer.

  • A favorite among professional quilters
  • Offers precision and control providing the most accurate quilting experience
  • Allows the quilter to plan the entire quilt at once helping with layout plans
  • Least physically demanding form of longarm quilting
  • Easy to learn with vast amount of available patterns that can be executed flawlessly
  • Allows the quilter to duplicate projects


Hand-Guided Quilting
Vision 2.0 by Gammill

The art of moving a quilting machine head to quilt. Hand-guided quilters enjoy an open view of the entire quilting row. Often preferred due to the similarity to drawing while the frame holds the quilt securely while quilting.

  • A favorite among custom quilters
  • Offers assistance supporting the quilt in a frame for more accurate quilting
  • Allows the quilter to view a large portion of the quilt at a time
  • Requires endurance to stand and quilt
  • Moving the head offers a familiar drawing like motion for quilting
  • Micro and fill work can be completed quickly with great accuracy
  • The versatility an extended throat plate opens up many technique and design options


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