Zippered Leaders

Zippered Leaders


“Leaders” are the pieces of canvas attached to the fabric-handling rollers. The quilter pins their top and backing fabric to these leaders in preparation to quilt. Gammill offers Leaders with Zippered Edges as an option. The zippered edge simply allows the quilter to pin or baste their fabric to the removed leader edge from another location (such as seated in a chair or on a domestic sewing machine), rather than at the table. Then the edge can be zipped to the rest of the canvas leader with the fabric already pinned.  With this option, each zippered leader comes with two edges, one of which could be in use while the other could be pre-pinned (to expedite set-up for the next quilt). Zippered leaders also allow a work-in-progress to be easily removed and put back on later, in the event another job takes priority over the one loaded on the table.

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