Gammill has been evaluating and testing Windows 10 over the past several months.

Windows 10 is perfectly fine for use on any Stand Alone Mode (SAM) computer to run CreativeStudio software. However, at this time, we do not recommend using Windows 10 on computers that operate the Statler by Gammill. Although we will continue testing, we feel at this time there are several issues with Windows 10 that lead us to this recommendation.

Here are some of the issues we have uncovered so far.

– A Statler that was allowed to run overnight lost communication with the head and there was no communication to the buttons.
– The HDMI port for the secondary monitor does not work on one of the newer generation Statler PCs. This is due to a driver issue, and there will be many driver issues that will take a long time for Microsoft and Dell to work out.
– We have had users who upgraded their PC and received the Blue screen of death, a perpetual boot loop. They lost everything on that PC.
– We cannot consistently determine how the Windows 10 network traffic impacts communication to the Statler but have seen examples of it interrupting the communication between the controller and the head.
– Additional concerns and points can be found at
It is true that some users will download Windows 10 and never experience problems. However, due to these issues listed, and other potential unknown problems, we do not advise that you update to Windows 10 on the computer that runs your Statler at this time in order to keep your machines running safely and efficiently.