Due to the end of Microsoft support for Windows 7, Gammill has the following recommendations for owners of Windows 7 computers:


Will my computer just stop working on January 14, 2020?  No, your computer will still continue to run, it just will no longer receive security updates.


Can you upgrade your Windows 7 computer to Windows 10?  Microsoft does not recommend upgrading computers more than three years old, as Windows 10 does not have all the drivers to support older computers.  Genuine Gammill computers running Windows 7 are six to nine years old.  Thus upgrading them is not an option.  But as mentioned above they will continue to run without upgrading the operating system.


Users of Windows 7 should avoid browsing the internet, checking email, streaming music, etc. with their stitcher computer.  Only use the internet to go to known safe sites, PatternCloud.com and Gammill.com.  These are the same recommendations we have for stitcher computers running any version of Windows including Windows 8 and 10.  The stitcher computer is specially designed to run your stitcher.  Using it for other activities always introduces risk of interfering with that ability.


Users of Windows 7 should avoid using USB media (thumb drive, flash drive, usb stick, etc.) as they can transfer viruses between computers without your knowledge, and your Windows 7 computer may not have the needed security updates to fight it off.  Do not use USB sticks to transfer patterns or projects between a different computer and your stitcher computer.  This is also a good general practice on all computers.  Never share USB sticks with others, and especially if you have a computer that is slow or has other issues do not use a USB stick to transfer files between that old computer and a new one as you may be transferring the viruses as well.


Make a plan to replace your Genuine Gammill computer with a new Genuine Gammill computer on a regular basis.  Gammill recommends replacement approximately every five years to ensure security and compatibility with the latest software versions.  (Tech experts generally recommend replacing PCs every 3-5 years.)  Genuine Gammill computers running Windows 7 are now six to nine years old.  Genuine Gammill computers are industrial quality, but technology still moves on.  Because of their quality, the computer may continue to run, but older computers at some point may not be able to run newer versions of software.  If you set aside about $25 per month you will be able to replace your stitcher computer every five years.  For about the price of a fancy cup of coffee a week you can keep your stitcher computer up to date and always be able to use the latest software!