Gammill dealer for Kentucky & Tennessee

Wandering Path Quilting is owned by Deb and Rick Gallagher.
Deb’s interest in quilting started at an early age after she witnessed the first-hand the love and care that goes into creating a quilt for someone.

“As a child, I remember my grandmother having several friends over to ‘finish’ a quilt. This group of ladies gathered around a frame, and began hand quilting a top that Grandmother had finished,” Deb said. “They chatted, laughed, shared news and of course ate! For the most part, these quilting designs were simple on the quilts that were used on a daily basis, but the special ones – for a wedding, or a new baby were lovingly made with special designs.  That was when I fell in love with quilting.”

Deb said she always loved the colors and patterns that could be made into a quilt top and the way quilting designs can enhance the tops and make them even more beautiful.

“While I was at the AQS QuiltWeek Paducah one year, one of the instructors asked which part of quilt making was my passion,” she said. “I realized it was the quilting itself!  After that, I talked with quilters and was told that the Gammill machines were industry leading and the best on the market.”

Deb took her time researching longarms, even taking training classes for several different machines to see how they performed and to test their ease of use.

“I found that Gammill quality, training, service availability and warranty was indeed the best value AND the folks who are in the Gammill family are quilters themselves!” she said.  I purchased my Gammill Statler in 2017 and have been quilting for others and myself since then.  A testimonial to the precision and quality of Gammill stitching was winning a blue ribbon in machine quilting at the first show I ever entered.”

With their dealership, Deb and Rick are looking forward to assisting other quilters in finding their perfect longarm machine and giving them the tools and resources they need to be confident quilters.

Wandering Path Quilting
5150 Flemingsburg Road 
Morehead, Kentucky 40351
Phone: 606-776-0545