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Vision 2.0 Hand-Guided Quilting System

The Key to Confidence

Whether your quilt is for a show entry, your favorite customer, or your grandchild’s crib, we know you want the quilting to shine. Your machine is the key to your success and each of your quilts deserve only the best. You can trust your Gammill to give you the highest quality stitching available. You can achieve your dreams of award-winning quilts, satisfied customers and, of course, happy grandchildren.


Vision 2.0 System

Machine Head

Durable cast aluminum and steel machine head available in four sizes.


All-steel, industrial grade table. Light bar additional option.

Breeze Track™

A state-of-the-art wheel and track system that allows you to guide the machine with only a light touch

Tablet & Software

State of the art software and tablet that allows you to electronically control hand-guided settings such as stitch regulation and channel locks.

Vision 2.0 Features

Electronically controlled horizontal and vertical channel locks
Front or rear laser
Rear handles
On-board bobbin winder
Bobbin thread meter
Time clock
Stitch counter
LED light fixture with black light
Thread break sensor

Four Stitching Modes

Let the machine regulate your stitch length or keep your machine at a constant speed. The Vision 2.0 includes four standard stitching modes:

Stitch Regulate

Control stitch length. Set the stitch length and let the machine do the work for you.

Coast Regulate

Control stitch length during faster movement. However, during fine detailed work, the machine automatically switches to constant speed to let you complete micro work with smaller stitches without stopping to change settings.

Constant Speed

Control stitch length on your own. The machine stitches at a steady speed that you set so your movement of the head controls your stitch length.


Take long stitches to temporarily hold the layers of the quilt together for stabilizing. This allows you to quickly secure an area or stabilize an entire quilt.


The Vision 2.0 handle bars feature four buttons, which you can program with a touch of the screen to have instant access to your favorite modes. Switch modes without having to pause your quilting to go back to the screen. Save your favorite stitch length and speed for easy access with two My Stitch presets. Click here for a video demonstration.


All new Gammill machines come with a lifetime mechanical warranty against defective materials and/or workmanship, one-year tablet warranty, three-year electrical parts warranty, and two-year in-shop labor warranty. The Gammill warranty also covers commercial use of the machines.


Vision 2.0 machines can be purchased with Elevate computerization or retrofited with Elevate or Statler computerization at a later date.  Only 22, 26, and 30 inch machine heads can be retrofited with a Statler.  Unsure about what type of machine is right for you? Schedule a virtual demo to learn more.

Pricing Options

Vision 18 Inch

18-inch Head

10- or 12-foot Home-Pro Table
18” throat space
13.25” quilting area
All-Inclusive Pricing:
Delivery, Installation, & Initial Training

Vision 22 inch

22-inch Head

12-foot Pivotal Access Table
22” throat space
16.5” quilting area
All-Inclusive Pricing:
Delivery, Installation, & Initial Training

Vision 26

26-inch Head

12-foot Pivotal Access Table
26” throat space
20” quilting area
All-Inclusive Pricing:
Delivery, Installation, & Initial Training

30-inch Head

12-foot Pivotal Access Table
30” throat space
23.4” quilting area
All-Inclusive Pricing:
Delivery, Installation, & Initial Training