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The Latest Thread Episode 2

In Episode 2 of the Latest Thread, special guest Michelle Weaver and the Gammill hand-guided educators discuss the upcoming Virtual Quilt Show. She answers their questions about how the Virtual Quilt Show came to be, how to enter the show and the education opportunities that will be available. In the second part of the segment, they show us what their longarm studios and work areas look like. Plus, they talk about the favorite parts of their spaces.

Eva Birch – Marking Tools

We are Gammill Family

Georgia Stull Discusses Thread Color

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Wool Sheep (episode 54)

Linda V. Taylor combines freehand and computerized quilting to complete this Wool Sheep quilt. She shows us how she freehanded her digitized pattern, Delectable Mountain, with curves, feathers and curls. Using her Statler she draws a boundary, places patterns, draws text, combines patterns and sets sew order to have a consistent pattern throughout the quilt. She finishes the sheep using her applique helper and various meandering techniques to create the texture of wool. Read More

Karen Marchetti’s Doodling with Purpose