Gammill Dealer for North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey

Threads Run Thru It is owned and operated by Steve and  Lori Clayton.  The Claytons retired from the United States Navy in 1990, Lori as a Navy Nurse and Steve as a Chief Warrant Officer.  In 2003, they moved to their farm in Phenix, Va, and built a log home. Lori was looking for ways to keep busy.

In 2004 she purchased a commercial embroidery machine and started “Threads Run Thru It” from her home. Lori’s embroidery business was doing well, but she knew there was more she could be involved with to stay busy. In 2007, they purchased a Gammill Longarm Quilting machine. In 2008, they upgraded to the Statler Stitcher computerized version. By this time, her business had taken over their home, consuming nearly 1500 feet of the 3000-foot house. In March 2010, Steve said enough is enough and in April 2010, he started construction on their quilt shop. “She wanted her shop built so bad that she helped me pour footings,” Steve said.

Lori’s mother had taught her to sew early in life and through the years she made hundreds of items such as shirts, dresses, valances, table cloths and runners, curtains, costumes.  “You name it, I tried to sew it,” Lori shared.  In the mid 1980s, she learned to quilt.  In the back of her mind, she dreamed of owning her own quilt shop someday and now, her dream is reality. In 2010, they opened their quilt shop. In 2017, they moved the quilt shop to a new location in Rustburg, Virginia and converted the former shop into a longarm training center.

Lori shares, “The good Lord has blessed us more than one can imagine. Our health is good, we have great friends, we are members of Midway Baptist Church and have four wonderful children.  Jessica  graduated from nursing school in Lynchburg, VA. and now works in Richmond. Gus (married to Grace) is a sailor in the United States Coast Guard stationed in NJ.  Andrea (married to James) is a Nurse in Fredericksburg, VA. And Casey (married to Matt) is a teacher in Arizona.  We have four grandsons, Eli, Silas, Will, and Wes, and one granddaughter, Ella. What a treasure it is to have such beautiful grandchildren.”


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Block Party Quilts
7 Elena Court,
Medford, New Jersey
Phone: 609-654-6462
Owner: Jo Kuchera

Sales Representatives

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Maryland     New Jersey     North Carolina     Pennsylvania     Virginia     West Virginia


Barbara Bregman
Lupine Longarm Quilting
11500 Stephen Road
Silver Spring, Maryland
Phone: 301-367-6142
Products on display: Statler Classic & Statler Optimumz

Marge Morgan
Kings Ruhl Creations
14 Old Ruhl Court
Freeland, Maryland
Phone: 717-887-0304

Katherine Taylor
Covenant Quilting
8673 Commerce Drive, Suite #7
Easton, Maryland
Phone: 410-822-5602
Cell Phone: 443-786-1482

New Jersey

Cathie Giambalvo
One Stitch at a Time
75 N Union Street
Lambertville, New Jersey
Phone: 609-558-7228

Jo Kuchera
Block Party Quilts
7 Elena Court
Medford, New Jersey
Phone: 609-654-6462
Products on display: Classic Plus Retrofit with Statler and Vision 2.0

North Carolina

Anita Beard
Custom Created Quilts
Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Phone: 252-335-7838 (Please call for an appointment)
Product on display: Classic Plus

Gina Boone
Just Quilted by Gina Boone
388 Speaks Road
Advance, North Carolina
Phone: 336-940-3186
Product on display: Vision 2.0 22-10

Edna Marie Drakeford
Marie’s Sewing & Quilting Nook
8916 Kensington Drive
Waxhaw, North Carolina
Phone: 704-843-5950 or 704-575-0640
Products on display: Optimum with Statler

Karen Sievert
6835 Finch Road
Bailey, North Carolina
Phone: 571-292-7999
Product on display: Gammill Classic with Statler


Cindy Carey
North Star Longarm Quilting 
303 Cheswyck Court
Lincoln University, Pennsylvania
Phone: 302-598-2729
Product on display: Statler Optimum

Valeria Hill
Val’s Quilting
532 Herrickville Road
Wyalusing, Pennsylvania
Phone: 570-746-3304
Products on display: Optimum Plus and Vision 22-10

Debbie Lunger and Lori Hamilton
Rose of Sharin’ Quilt Shop
311 Mill Street
Danville, Pennsylvania
Phone: 570-275-1005



Diane Quinn
Lady Slipper Quilting
39 Mansion Ave
Claremont, Virginia
Phone: 757-866-8404 

Cindy Toney or Kathy Shifman
Cloth Peddler Quilt shop
5330 Main St
Stephens City, Virginia
Phone: 540-868-9020
Product on display: Statler Stitcher Classic

Bill Tilley
Nova Quilting
1912 Belleville Dr. NE
Leesburg, Virginia 20176
Phone: 201-317-7961
Product on display: Statler Stitcher Classic

Lee Taylor
85 First Street
White Stone, Viriginia 22578
Phone: 804-577-7272


West Virginia

Linda Childers
The Stitching House and Sew Much More
29S Kanawha Street
Buckhannon, West Virginia
Phone: 304-472-8188
Product on display: Statler Stitcher Classic

Naysa Withem
25 Wellington Court
Charles Town, West Virginia
Product on display: Classic Statler Stitcher