Joan Knight remembers very clearly the day she bought her Statler by Gammill at a quilt show.
It was the final day of a three-day quilt show.

“I had been walking around for three days. Five minutes before the show closed, I signed the papers,” she said.
Now, Joan is a CreativeStudio educator, sharing her love of quilting and her knowledge with others.
“I get to see the look on their face when they ‘get it,’” she said of teaching. “It is a blessing.”
CreativeStudio allows her to be as creative as she wants with her quilting. And, the Statler has allowed her to have a career doing what she loves.
“I get to be my own boss. I get to make my own schedule. And, I get to meet new people and watch as people see what [the Statler] can do for them.”

Watch Joan’s video here.