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Advanced Computerization

You want limitless possibilities to create beautiful works of art for yourself or your quilting clients. Find all the tools you need from the experts who created computerized quilting more than 25 years ago. Select from more than 1,000 included patterns, use the intuitive software to quilt edge-to-edge, or create a completely customized design. Then, watch as your Gammill places your stitches perfectly.

Limitless Possibilities

CreativeStudio is the ultimate tool for quilters. Enjoy the same software professionals use to design, place, edit, and customize patterns to stitch out on your Statler by Gammill. CreativeStudio gives you unlimited possibilities with amazing features including an intuitive design and integrated pattern management.

Statler System Includes:

  • Gammill longarm quilting machine
  • All-steel industrial grade table
  • Statler CreativeStudio software
  • More than 1,000 digital patterns
  • Computer and monitor
  • Power assist to easily move the machine head when hand-guiding
  • Auto-restart for thread breaks or bobbin run outs
  • 360 degree channel locks
Includes 1,000+ Patterns & Integrated Pattern Management

Even More Options

With thousands and thousands of patterns available on the Internet, browsing, searching, buying, and organizing patterns can leave quilters in need of a simple management solution. Gammill’s PatternCloud is a free service that integrates with CreativeStudio software. Visit PatternCloud.com to register for your free account and begin enjoying your pattern collection.

Free Software Upgrades

Intuitive Software Design

Integrated Pattern Management

CreativeStudio Quilting Software Features

  • Organize and manage patterns with PatternCloud
  • Make patterns elastic with nodes
  • Sew continuous text
  • Auto-fit a pattern to a boundary or block
  • Repeat patterns across a row or quilt
  • Arrange patterns around a point with circular array
  • Combine patterns for continuous sewing
  • Convert a pattern to boundary
  • Draw arcs, lines, curves and freehand
  • Apply patterns along any shape
  • Use trim to quilt around appliqué
  • Stretch, rotate, flip, divide, center, nudge, and squeeze designs
  • Echo a pattern to add depth
  • Fill inside or outside a boundary
  • Mirror a pattern in a specific location
  • Cut, copy, and paste patterns
  • Create point-to-point, edge-to-edge, block, border, corner, fill, and text patterns
  • Record free-hand motions and save them to use again
  • Load an image to plan a design or create a template
  • Measure space with an interactive measuring function

Lifetime Warranty

All new Gammill machines come with a lifetime mechanical warranty against defective materials and/or workmanship, three-year computer warranty, three-year electrical parts warranty, and two-year, in-shop labor warranty. The Gammill warranty also covers commercial use of the machines.

22-inch Head

12-foot Pivotal Access Table
22” throat space
16.5” quilting area
All-Inclusive Pricing:
Delivery, Installation, & Initial Training

26-inch Head

12-foot Pivotal Access Table
26” throat space
20” quilting area
All-Inclusive Pricing:
Delivery, Installation, & Initial Training

30-inch Head

12-foot Pivotal Access Table
30” throat space
23.4” quilting area
All-Inclusive Pricing:
Delivery, Installation, & Initial Training

Retrofit Options

Add a Statler to your Gammill

Turn your existing Gammill machine into a Statler with a retrofit. The retrofit includes all the hardware and software needed to allow your machine to stitch hands-free

Statler Retrofit: $19,999