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Statler Ascend Upgrade

Imagine completing more quilts than ever before. With upgraded hardware and software capabilities, the Statler Ascend allows for faster and more accurate stitching. With the Ascend, you can finish more quilts without having to purchase a second machine, giving you more revenue, more free time, more quilting fun or more time to spend on your own quilting. Get the most out of your Statler by upgrading to the Ascend.

Upgrade Your Statler

The Statler Ascend offers greater speeds without sacrificing accuracy or quality. No matter whether you quilt as a business, in competition, or simply for your enjoyment. The Ascend stitches intricate designs with the utmost accuracy and precision so you can finish those beautiful quilts at an even faster turnaround than before, saving both time and money. Let your creativity soar with the Statler Ascend.

Included in the Ascend Upgrade

All the Features of a Statler
Higher Precision
Faster Speed
Upgraded Controller Hardware
Advanced Programming in CreativeStudio 7.5
New Belt & Bracket System
Updated Thread Break Sensor
Newly Designed Motor
New Gold Key
Vivid Light System
Soft Touch Switches

Upgrade Options

Upgrade Your Gammill Machine to an Ascend

Upgrade your current Statler into an Ascend. Your Statler must have the MOD G controller or higher and the Breeze Track System. The upgrade includes all the hardware and software needed.

Ascend Upgrade: $7,499

Retrofit Options

Add a Statler Ascend to your Gammill

Turn your existing Gammill machine into a Statler Ascend with a retrofit. The retrofit includes all the hardware and software needed to allow your machine to stitch hands-free.

Statler Ascend Retrofit: $29,999

"My Statler was upgraded to the Ascend Statler about two months ago. I noticed right from the start that I could run the machine at an even faster speed on my edge-to-edge patterns and with great ease. It's hard to describe it exactly but it feels even more stable than my Statler was before. Recently, I have digitized some of my more intricate freehand patterns from my show quilts. I found a quilt that was perfectly suited to these patterns using a contrasting thread and was completely surprised and delighted at how fast the Ascend Statler stitched them and with the most amazing accuracy. Now I can get my quilts done faster I don't have to worry that my quilting and patterns are a little more intricate and dense than everyone else's. I am still living my dream! Cheers and happy quilting!" -Linda V Taylor
"The Ascend system allows me to stitch detailed fill patterns faster, saving me both time and money." -Christine Perrigo
"The Ascend in a nutshell is speed without sacrificing accuracy or quality. We can catch up quicker after downtime from illness, holiday, or just a larger than average workload (we experienced this first hand with Covid. Our turnaround was at about 8 weeks at one point and we got it back down to 2-3 weeks, which is normal for us.) We can fit in last minute rush work such as quick gifts, charity quilts, etc. more easily. All in all we have seen an increase of about 35%. For example, we had a 2 quilt/day average and now we are at 3 quilts/day average." -Sharon Blackmore
"I love the Ascend because it allows me to quilt the more intricate edge-to-edge designs much more efficiently without sacrificing the accuracy of the design. Most impressive to me is the ability of the machine to "backtrack" precisely at a much greater speed." -Eva Birch