Solve the Education Puzzle & More Gammill Updates

Have you heard? The Gammill Education Department is planning something big! Check out our Facebook page for teasers and see if you can solve the puzzle.


If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to check out our April Newsletter, or better yet, sign up to receive the newsletter in your inbox!


This month’s issue features a new Best of Both Worlds Episode. In this episode Linda V. Taylor and Georgia Stull show us how to make game boards using a Gammill.


Also, new to the Gammill website is the Gammill Gallery. Gammill Artists and Educators have come together to create the Gammill Gallery, a collection of just some of the award-winning quilts done on a Gammill machine.


While on our website, read the featured “A Quilter’s Story” articles to find out more about your favorite quilts and quilters. A new story will be coming at the end of May!



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