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Gammill recommends choosing the TOWA bobbin case.  The lint builds up relatively slowly and doesn’t get behind the anti-backlash spring.  Also with the TOWA, it’s easy to remove and replace the anti-backlash spring when it becomes necessary to do.
When you order needles from Gammill, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality. Most of the time, the 110/18/4.0 needle will do the best job, but we recommend having all sizes on-hand so you’re ready for anything. If you don’t already have all the sizes, consider ordering the variety pack.
Fits all Plus, Minus, Vision, Vision 2.0, Elevate and Statler machines from Gammill except the 18″ Statler
Gammill is working with a new manufacturer for the Quick Change Feet Set. Order yours today to be the first to get them when they are back in stock. Set includes the following feet: Spoon Foot (perfect for those "bless her heart" quilts) Ruler Foot (overall width 1/2") Open Toe Foot (fantastic visibility of the needle as you're stitching) Trapunto Foot Couching Foot
Wind perfect bobbins each time. With a sleek and compact design, the Professional Bobbin Winder quietly and quickly winds consistent bobbins. The winder features an automatic shut off, thread cutter, speed and tension controls.
Gammill Quilt clips provide an easy and fast way to control and adjust the layers of fabric on your quilting frame.
Learn the shortcuts and feature names in CreativeStudio with this handy mousepad!  It's a time-saver.
These springs fit into the bobbin cases with a “Towa” brand mark on the side, as shown in the photo gallery photo.  
Replace when they dry out and develop splits and cracks. Protect from sunlight.
This spring fits original Gammill bobbin cases, it does not fit Towa bobbin cases.
If you want to do ruler work, this removable extended throat plate table is absolutely essential.  Snaps on and off the machine in a second, strong spring action assures that base stays on securely.  Aluminum and steel construction means you can also use it for pressing (yes, with an iron) while the quilt is on..
Just in case people might not know you're addicted to Quilting, this T-shirt should clear it up. You think CHOCOLATE is addicting? You've obviously never tried QUILTING!
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