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Statler Quilting With Confidence 2021
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This is the Gammill A/B and C/D switch set.  Switches have 3 wire connections on the underneath side. These switches fit the machines that were Vision 2.0 from the factory, or machines which have been upgraded to a Vision 2.0.  Exception:  If your machine was upgraded from Vision 1 to Vision 2 (replacing a “module”..
Buy someone you love a Gift Certificate to Patterncloud.com and bring a smile to their face! PatternCloud.com certificates can be used to purchase patterns from PatternCloud for Gammill computerized machines. For use on digital patterns only. Choose from $25, $50, and $100 values.
This is the handwheel for the Pickup roller on the Professional GS tables.  For additional leverage on one of your other rollers (backing or top) this LARGE Hand Wheel with Crank Lever is a dream.  Note: there is not room on most tables to accommodate 2 of the Large hand wheels adjacent to each other. ..
Add decorative touches to your quilting. Use the couching foot to stitch yarn, cording, embroidery floss, and more to the top of the quilt. You must have the Approach™ Ruler Foot with System Adapter and Hex Tool Set in order to use this foot.
The cables at the back of your machine must be secured for best operation and longest life of the cables. If your clip is missing or broken, here’s a video on how to replace it.
Gammill Ballcap - one size fits most
Fits all but the 18″ machines
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Statler Quilting With Confidence 2021
For the registration price of $299, receive unlimited access for one year to recorded materials. $10 per month for continued access.
Gammill Bobbins
Bobbin Case
Gammill Needles
Approach™ Foot System – Complete Set
Quilting With Confidence 2019 – Statler
$299 then $10 per month for continued access
Encoder O-Ring (4)
Needle Alignment Magnet
Anti-Backlash Spring, Circle (TOWA) (2)
17″ Motor Belt
CreativeStudio Handbook: Just for Beginners
$49 then $5 per month for continued access
Check Spring (spring only) (4)