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Statler Quilting With Confidence 2021
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Softstyle t-shirt in heather red with our all-time most popular design.
Minus On/Off Handle Switch for Start/Stop and Needle Positioner (if equipped). These switches have a distinct “click” when pressed. They have 3 wires connected to the backside. The outside 2 wires can be installed on either outside connection of the switch, but the center wire must always be installed at the center connection on the..
This is the switch on the center-top of the machine, near the thread break sensor. There are two of them side by side, one for the Motor only and the other for all Power.
Three common pulleys are used on Gammill machines.  Please carefully read the descriptions.      
This fits only the spindle on the on-board bobbin winder on the machine head. It does not fit any stand-alone winders.
2 switches. Power and Motor for a Statler Power and Light for a Plus *Product note: This switch is no longer available in the illuminated version. Orders for Statler Rocker Switches, MOD A-F, will now contain the black Statler Rocker Switches.    
Encoder Cables make the vital link between the Encoder and the machine’s electronics.
Pattern Shield is an industrial clear plastic that protects Pantograph paper from damage but still allows clear viewing.  It can be marked on with dry-erase markers (some permanent tint usually remains) and can handle the application and removal of “painter’s tape”. Note: no securing hardware is included. Re-use the existing screws etc. that are on..
This spool holder mounts to a threaded screw hole on the machine body just forward of the motor, or alternatively to a threaded screw hole on top of the motor belt cover. There’s no place to attach this item to a Vision 1, 18-8.
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Statler Quilting With Confidence 2021
For the registration price of $299, receive unlimited access for one year to recorded materials. $10 per month for continued access.
Gammill Bobbins
Bobbin Case
Quilting With Confidence 2019 – Statler
$299 then $10 per month for continued access
Approach™ Foot System – Complete Set
Gammill Needles
Needle Alignment Magnet
Encoder O-Ring (4)
17″ Motor Belt
Anti-Backlash Spring, Circle (TOWA) (2)
CreativeStudio Handbook: Just for Beginners
$49 then $5 per month for continued access
Check Spring (spring only) (4)

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