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Statler Quilting With Confidence 2021
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Replace your existing, worn-out ends, or get an additional set of 3 so that you can take an additional quilt on and off the frame with ease.
Momentary Switch – fits many Minus machines and a small number of early Plus machines. DO NOT ORDER unless your existing switch looks exactly like the one pictured.
This handy ruler was featured in the 2019 Quilting with Confidence hand-guided classes. Designed to be "all-purpose" for general everyday use.
As a result of the ever-increasing demand for Approach™️ Feet, we are currently experiencing a backorder. Orders will be shipped as soon as stock replenishes.  This foot allows the best view of the needle penetrating the fabric. Ideal for Ditch work, but a great choice anytime ultimate visibility is needed.  Statler and Elevate users enjoy marking boundaries with this foot because it allows the laser to be seen more clearly. You must have the Approach™ Ruler Foot with System Adapter and Hex Tool Set in order to use this foot.
Stitch regulation is controlled by your machine's Encoders.
Old style lasers used an old style clamp (pictured below). New style lasers use the new Stylaser Swivel Clamp 151-0052. Make sure you have the correct clamp to fit your laser, or else you won’t be able to mount and aim it.
Just in case people might not know you're addicted to Quilting, this T-shirt should clear it up. You think CHOCOLATE is addicting? You've obviously never tried QUILTING!
Softstyle t-shirt in heather red with our all-time most popular design.
500-0025 is a set of 2 red and 2 black switches that are original equipment on many Gammill and Statler machines. These switches have been REPLACED by the Soft-Touch switch set which is designed to last a lifetime. For your own sanity and peace of mind please consider upgrading to Soft Touch switches and never..
We are currently experiencing a backorder on this product. Orders will be shipped as soon as stock replenishes. 
Minus On/Off Handle Switch for Start/Stop and Needle Positioner (if equipped). These switches have a distinct “click” when pressed. They have 3 wires connected to the backside. The outside 2 wires can be installed on either outside connection of the switch, but the center wire must always be installed at the center connection on the..
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Statler Quilting With Confidence 2021
For the registration price of $299, receive unlimited access for one year to recorded materials. $10 per month for continued access.
Quilting With Confidence 2019 – Statler
$299 then $10 per month for continued access
Gammill Bobbins
Bobbin Case
Approach™ Foot System – Complete Set
Gammill Needles
17″ Motor Belt
Needle Alignment Magnet
Encoder O-Ring (4)
Anti-Backlash Spring, Circle (TOWA) (2)
CreativeStudio Handbook: Just for Beginners
$49 then $5 per month for continued access
Gammill Professional Bobbin Winder

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