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Statler Quilting With Confidence 2021
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Minus On/Off Handle Switch for Start/Stop and Needle Positioner (if equipped). These switches have a distinct “click” when pressed. They have 3 wires connected to the backside. The outside 2 wires can be installed on either outside connection of the switch, but the center wire must always be installed at the center connection on the..
Replace your existing, worn-out ends, or get an additional set of 3 so that you can take an additional quilt on and off the frame with ease.
Vision 2 Tablet & Bracket Kit
Stitch regulation is controlled by your machine's Encoders.
Approach Foot Set Screw Replacement (1 screw).
2 switches. Power and Motor for a Statler Power and Light for a Plus *Product note: This switch is no longer available in the illuminated version. Orders for Statler Rocker Switches, MOD A-F, will now contain the black Statler Rocker Switches.    
Momentary Switch – fits many Minus machines and a small number of early Plus machines. DO NOT ORDER unless your existing switch looks exactly like the one pictured.
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Statler Quilting With Confidence 2021
For the registration price of $299, receive unlimited access for one year to recorded materials. $10 per month for continued access.
Bobbin Case
Gammill Bobbins
Gammill Needles
Encoder O-Ring (4)
Needle Alignment Magnet
Approach™ Foot System – Complete Set
Quilting With Confidence 2019 – Statler
$299 then $10 per month for continued access
Anti-Backlash Spring, Circle (TOWA) (2)
17″ Motor Belt
CreativeStudio Handbook: Just for Beginners
$49 then $5 per month for continued access
Check Spring (spring only) (4)