TJ Speiser

TJ Speiser – Independent Teacher

Odin, IL

A wife and mother of three (and now grandmother of two), TJ Speiser learned to hand quilt as a girl at her grandmother’s side in a small town in Southern Illinois. Her grandmother taught her to tie a knot with two fingers and to appreciate the beauty and work that makes a quilt. She loved the pretty colors of the quilts, but the patterns that emerged by running the needle up and down, captivated her. She went on to college to pursue her teaching degree in Elementary/Special Education. Sewing her clothes and clothes for her children kept the needle moving, but it wasn’t until deciding to create a family tree lap quilt for her mother that her passion for stitching was revived. She fought with her DSM to try to quilt the now king-sized quilt and in frustration looked for another option. Enter the Statler Stitcher, and her love for designs and quilting was magnified by the ease she could accomplish it with her Statler. Having gone to college with a double major in Education; TJ has been teaching in one form or another all her life. In addition to being a quilter, teacher & designer, TJ Speiser is also a Certified Statler Instructor and AutoSketch® instructor.

TJ teaches in many venues, including SUGAR, MQS, MQX, as well as multiple Regional Statler Groups.


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