Kristin Harper

Kristin Harper – Independent Teacher

Omaha, NE

Shortly after retiring from a highly successful career as a Colonel in the US Army, Kristin expanded her life-long love of sewing and began her journey into longarm quilting. However, prior to her longarm quilting, Kristin spent her independent time raising a family and sewing tutus and costumes for various nationally recognized ballet companies, earning first place recognition in an international tutu making contest in 2006. Kristin began her longarm quilting career with a very basic manual longarm machine in 2005 and upgraded to the Statler Stitcher in 2009. Her love of computers and artistic design were perfect qualities to match the infinite capabilities of the Statler Stitcher. She has quilted hundreds of quilts for various charities including the Quilts of Valor, American Hero Quilts and Quilts for Kids. Additionally, Kristin’s quilts have raised many thousands of dollars for numerous local charities. Kristin teaches ballet costume making in addition to quilting to both individuals and groups throughout the country. She has been a Certified Statler Instructor since 2011.


Kristin Harper CS project

Octagonal Table Topper / Placemat CS6 Tutorial – Squeeze Pattern to Boundary


Squeeze Pattern to Boundary Project File


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