Paul Statlerweb

Paul Statler – Consultant and Statler Inventor, Gammill, Inc.

Columbia, MO

Despite a childhood with no electricity until the age of 12, Paul learned to repair televisions by age 17, mastered multiple electronic equipment during four years in the Air Force, and worked 26 more years with the VA being involved with the many changes happening in biomedical technology. Retiring, Paul began a new career when he built the first Statler Stitcher for his wife, Mildred, in 1990 and they began production quilting. Paul continued improving the system and the first machine with Statler Stitcher technology was sold in 1994. To this day, Paul and Mildred continue to build and improve the Statler Stitcher. Paul is the ultimate instructor for the certified program and helping all instructors. Those who have been fortunate to have Paul as their instructor can attest to Paul’s talent and love for helping Statler users realize that they can do it too!