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Statler Quilting With Confidence 2021

Statler Quilting With Confidence 2021

Class track for Statler computerized quilters. Register and receive access to our education portal. For the registration price of $299, receive unlimited access for one year to 10+ hours OF NEW QWC recorded classes. Plus, continue access for just $10 per month for each additional month and unsubscribe at any time.

For the registration price of $299, receive unlimited access for one year to recorded materials. $10 per month for continued access.


Class track for Statler computerized quilters. Register and receive access to our education portal.

Learn how to use all the features and tools in CreativeStudio to use the software and your machine to its fullest potential. Whether you quilt as a business or as a hobby, the eight Statler sessions will give you the resources and tools to be the most confident quilter possible.
Your Statler class track registration includes these classes:
In the Cloud: Learn about the integrated tools in CreativeStudio that allow you to search, sort, organize and back up your patterns so that you never lose them again.
Quilt Smarter Not Harder: Make the most of the tools in CreativeStudio to quilt smarter, not harder. Learn to use and customize your menu bar and tool strip, make and use boundaries and templates, audition patterns to fit a boundary, import an image and audition patterns, and export an image with an auditioned design.
Edge to Edge Excellence: Learn how to set up edge to edge patterns for edge-to-edge patterns. Follow along with the instructor in Stand Alone Mode as she teaches you step by step how to edge-to-edge quilt using CreativeStudio.
Borders to Enhance Your Quilting: After learning edge-to-edge skills, the first step to moving into custom quilting is often to quilt borders on a quilt. In this class, set up border corner patterns to stitch continuously using the border corner feature. Learn about border corner pattern orientation, imperfect border shapes, tricks to deal with quilt shrinkage, and more.
Custom Designing: Learn to manipulate and adjust patterns for your individual quilt. This class will show you how to adapt and customize patterns you have and learn how to create patterns from scratch using tools such as draw pattern. Follow along with a provided project.
Real Quilts Aren’t Perfect: Learn how to use the features of CreativeStudio with real-world quilts! This class goes in-depth into computerized stitch in the ditch work, fill work behind applique, echos around objects, address different ways to place sashings, and more.
Maintenance: Learn the ins and outs of your Gammill machine including basic maintenance and repairs in this class from the Gammill tech team.
Fabulous Fixes 2.0: Break stuff, fix it better. We all make mistakes! Sometimes the products of those mistakes can be better than the original. In this class, learn how to prepare your quilt to prevent errors. The educators also go over how to baste to control problem areas, thread choices, and more.
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