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Consult with Jodi Robinson (Hand Guided, Elevate)

Consult with Jodi Robinson (Hand Guided, Elevate)

Spend an hour with Jodi Robinson and bring your quilting to the next level.


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    Spend an hour with Jodi Robinson and bring your quilting to the next level.

    Quilting Experience: 20 plus years quilting and 19 years longarm quilting

    Jodi Robinson has been a quilter for more than 20 years, and a professional longarm quilter for 19 years. She has been teaching at national shows across the country for the past 12 years, and has won numerous national awards for her machine quilting skills over the years. Most recently, Jodi was awarded the Outstanding Modern Quilt Award at the 2015 Road to California show, Best Longarm Machine Workmanship in Modern Quilts at the 2015 Pacific International Quilt festival, and Best Modern Quilt at multiple AQS Shows in 2014. In addition to teaching, Jodi designs pantograph patterns, has self-published nine machine quilting design books, and provides professional longarm quilting services to her clients. Jodi’s books and classes focus on teaching easy methods to create beautiful, freehand machine quilting designs that will personalize, and make your quilting unique.

    Quilting Tips: I am a huge fan of stitching designs that are “purposely random,” whether it is feathers, leaves, or even straight lines.  If you are having trouble keeping designs all the same size, simply stitch them in purposely random sizes. By doing this, you remove the side by side size comparison, AND get the added bonus of adding more interest to your designs.

    This item is priced as a 60 minute appointment.

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