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Educator Consult with Eva Birch (Hand Guided)

Educator Consult with Eva Birch (Hand Guided)

Spend an hour with Eva Birch and bring your quilting to the next level.


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    Spend an hour with Eva Birch and bring your quilting to the next level.

    Quilting Experience: Eva Birch has been quilting for the past 12 years and longarm quilting for the past decade.  She has won several national awards for both her own quilts and customer quilts including a first place at Road to California in 2017. Most recently, she was honored for “Best Use of Negative Space” at the Pacific International Quilt Festival.

    For the past four years, Eva has been teaching both locally near her home in Ohio and nationally.  She is the co-author of “Applique for Modern Beginners” and her work can be seen in a number of quilting publications.  In addition to quilting for others, Eva enjoys designing, making and quilting her own quilts.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren.

    Quilting Tips: Schedule yourself time on your calendar to work on your own things. Being able to “play” on your machine not only allows you to practice new skills but motivates you to try new things on your customer quilts and “sparks” your creativity.

    This item is priced as a 60 minute appointment.

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