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Linda Thielfoldt

Location: Troy, MI


Quilting Experience: More than 36 years quilting

Linda has been quilting for more than 36 years and teaching quilting for more than 16 years. She loves to share her knowledge. Her classes are taught in a no rules, fun and lively style that provide inspiration and new ideas on how to improve your machine quilting. Linda was named Top Teacher of the Year 2009 finalist by The Professional Quilter magazine.

Several years ago Linda started designing patterns for computerized quilting machines. Her patterns are available in many formats through LegacyQuilting.com. Linda operates The Quilted Goose in her hometown of Troy, MI, and her machine quilting skills are in demand by quilters from across the United States.

Linda has served as a director on the board for IMQA Foundation and through that organization works to further the education of machine quilters all across the United States. She serves as the emcee for the annual IMQA Foundation Audacious Auction for Education at MQS and is proud of the fact that the quilting community supports the Foundation by donating quilts, which are auctioned to raise money for grants and scholarships.

A collection of Linda’s wearable creations was featured in a special exhibit “The Linda Thielfoldt Collection of Wearable Art” at MQX East in Providence, RI, in 2011.

Quilting Tips: Take as many classes as your budget and time will allow. Once you get home, practice what you have learned. It takes time to hone your skills; and if you practice every week, you will be amazed at how much you will improve. Above all, try it! When I teach I often hear the words, “I can’t,” and my response to that is always the same, “Yet!” Be fearless and have fun!

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