Gammill Dealer for Northern California

Family-owned and operated since 1930, Meissner Sewing Machine Company has built its reputation on quality products and excellent personalized service. Each of the Meissner locations offers classes, clubs, seminars and special events designed to educate and inspire Meissner_Sac_Storefrontxsewers at all levels in a fun environment with the finest products available on the market today. They support all of the products they sell with unsurpassed technical service and hundreds of fun classes and seminars. In 2015 Meissner’s completed a remodel at their Sacramento Superstore and turned the existing warehouse into a long-arm showroom and training center. The Long-Arm Center is home to the complete line of Gammill machines as well as other brands. Meissner’s currently offers a Rental Certification program in which customers learn to use hand-guided Gammill quilting machines. The program started in April of 2015 and has really taken off. So far, they have certified just over 200 customers and those customers have finished 400 plus quilts. “Words cannot express the joy the renters feel when they have completed their quilt from start to finish. Some of our renters love the quilting so much they have gone from renters to owners”. For more longarm quilting information from Meissner visit