A second pattern for creating masks on your Gammill

Thank you to Gammill educator Jeana Kubik for providing this second option on how to make masks on your Statler or Elevate. Thank you to all of you who are using your machines and your talents to bless others.


This pattern is available free. To access, login to your account at PatternCloud.com. Then, click My Cloud, Stitchers, Copy to Account, Add Only. You will then need to sync your machine with your patterns. 



    Statler users may also access the pattern by copying their starter patterns to CreativeStudio 7.1 as shown below. 

    For the other option on how to make 30 masks at once on your Statler or Elevate, click here. 

    1. Load 108 wide fabric on machine. This will be the base for making all your masks. Color is irrelevant because it will end up as the middle layer in your finished product.
    2. Float 2nd layer face up all the way across your quilt area. Can use 42 wide or 108 wide
    3. Lay 3rd layer of fabric face down directly on top of 2nd layer
    4. Secure top 2 layers by basting across top, bottom and down sides
    5. Draw a Boundary around your maximum quiltable area. Drag pattern to quiltable area and
    6. Cut 3 rows apart(see dotted line) between stitching -then turn each row right side out to form a tube, iron


    1. Slice each tube into 9-inch segments
    2. To make straps, fold one 2.5 inch by 42-inch strip right sides together and sew into a tube
    3. Turn inside out and iron. (I use a string inside the tube to pull out)
    4. Cut in half to now have two 24-inch tubes to use as your 2 straps
    5. Center on side of mask and sew to sides of mask after ironing in 2 pleats to mask

    12. Finish by sewing other side of tube to mask and sew all the way to end of tube.

    13. Turn inside last quarter inch of strap tube before closing

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