Gammill dealer for Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd is owned and operated by Andrew and Tracy Bentley. Tracy says she has been sewing for longer than she would like to admiAndrew and Tracyt and quilting for many years on top of that! She first began sewing and crafting in school through 4-H and home garment sewing and home economics classes. Andrew has many years of experience in management, sales, and providing exceptional customer service. Andrew is responsible for sales, service and installation. Both Andrew and Tracy look forward to providing you with years of quality customer service, training, and even a few laughs along the way!




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Cottage Quilting
2000 Spall Road
Kelowana, BC, Canada V1Y 9P6
Phone: 250-860-1120

Sales Representatives

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Carol and Eugene Wasylik
Extraordinary Extras
4420 Railway Ave.
Vermilion, Alberta, Canada
Phone: 780-853-6626

Ingrid Machtemes
Quiltessential Co. Inc.
100 McKenney Ave.
St. Albert, Alberta T8N 2T7
Phone: 780-418-7845
Toll Free: 1-866-717-8458