Selecting A Table

Selecting a Table

Gammill offers two all-steel table types depending on the size of your machine head. All 18-inch machines come on a Home Pro table. All 22, 26 and 30-inch machine heads come on a Pivotal Access table.

FeaturesHome Pro TablePivotal Access Table
Head size available on table18 inch head22, 26 or 30-inch head
Standard Sizes10-foot or 12-foot12-foot
Specialty Sizes8, 11 or 14-foot8, 10, 11 or 14-foot
MaterialAll-steel tableAll-steel table
Hand wheelsNoYes
Pivotal Access FeatureNoYes

Pivotal Access Table

The pivotal access feature allows you to swing out the front of the frame for better access loading your quilt and smoothing your top and batting.

The Pivotal Access table comes with all 22, 26 and 30-inch Gammill machine heads. The standard size for a Pivotal Access table is 12-feet, however, specialty sizes are available for a nominal fee. The recommended footprint for your Gammill 12-foot Pivotal Access Table is 8 x 15 feet. This will give enough clearance for you to full access all sides of your machine and for your machine head to fully move from the back to the front of the table. If you have less space, please consult your Gammill advisor for space-solving solutions.

Light bar sold separately.

Home Pro Table

The Home Pro table comes with all all 18-inch machine heads. The recommended footprint for a 12-foot Home Pro table is 7 x 14 feet. This will give enough clearance for you to access all sides of your machine and your machine to move fully from the front to back of the table.

Table Size

The length of table you select will determine the maximum quilt with you can load onto your machine. The most important factors to consider when selecting a table size are the dimensions of your space and the size of tops you would like to quilt.

A 12-foot table has 126 inches of canvas to attach to and approximately 123 inches of quiltable space. A 14-foot table has 151 inches of canvas. For comparison, a standard king-size quilt is 100″ by 120″, which would fit on either size table. A king-size bedspread that drops all the way to the floor would require a 14-foot table. For a nominal charge we can make you a table in 8’, 10’, 11’ or 14’ if the standard size is not correct for your space.

Measurements10-foot Home Pro12-foot Home Pro12-foot Pivotal Access
Canvas Length102 inches126 inches126 inches
Quilting Length98 inches122 inches123 inches
Table Length120 inches144 inches144 inches
Length with Hardware124 inches148 inches156 inches
Recommended Clearance Length12 feet14 feet15-feet
Recommended Clearance Width7 feet7 feet8 feet