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Stitcher Screen Operations

At the bottom of the screen are controls that regulate the stitching process (like speed and SPI) and affect how the quilt groups look / respond (Grid, Snap, Zoom).

The Controls are easily accessed and changed in the Status Bar at the bottom.

· Speed – based on a scale of 1-20, so10-13 is a good speed to start with.

· SPI – Stitch size is displayed, and this can be changed while stitching.

· Grid – refers to the background grid lines, which can be resized or turned off.

· Snaps – When turned on, pattern nodes can be aligned to Endpoints (of other patterns) or the Grid.

· Zoom – refers to how large the background grid currently is. The carat shows additional choices for resizing or setting the screen size to 100%.

· Channel Lock – can be turned ON, OFF, or changed to a different angle setting.

· X and Y grid co-ordinates refer to the current position of the stitcher.