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PatternCloud Information

About the PatternCloud

With thousands and thousands of patterns available on the Internet, browsing, searching, buying, and organizing patterns can leave quilters in need of a simple management solution. Gammill’s PatternCloud is a free service that integrates with both the Gammill Elevate and CreativeStudio software. Visit PatternCloud.com to register for your free account and begin enjoying your pattern collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the PatternCloud necessary to use CreativeStudio®?

    No, while use of the cloud is highly recommended CreativeStudio 7 will run without it. You just will not be able to access all of the great new features.

  • What is the store feature?

    The PatternCloud store is a place to easily browse, search and purchase patterns from a variety of talented designers! You can access the store directly in CreativeStudio 7.0 or at PatternCloud.com. You can browse through the available patterns or search by keyword, price, pattern type, date added, and copyright protection. Check back regularly for newly added patterns!

  • What is the cost to use the PatternCloud?

    The PatternCloud is a service we are offering to our Gammill family for no charge to make your lives easier and to keep CS up to date with using the best that modern technology has to offer. Charges and payment information are only required should you choose to purchase patterns from designers in the PatternCloud store.

  • If I use PatternCloud and sync my patterns does this share them with the world?

    No. Your patterns are yours and yours alone. Only you will have access to them. We’ve designed these features to enhance your experience with CreativeStudio and Elevate. Please rest assured that all measures have been taken to secure your data.

  • How do I access PatternCloud?

    You can access PatternCloud through CreativeStudio or through the website PatternCloud.com. You can browse the store in CS7 or on the website at any time, but you will need to create an account in order to use the PatternCloud storage/backup services or the store. For instructions on how to use PatternCloud in CreativeStudio, see page 12 of the user manual. In Elevate, you will register your Elevate on the PatternCloud website in order to sync the two and take advantage of PatternCloud features.

  • How does the cloud work with encrypted patterns?

    For patterns purchased at PatternCloud.com, there are different levels of copyright protections selected by the designer. The copyright protection for each pattern that is for sale is listed with the price when viewing the pattern description (Any, Machine or User). You may also narrow your PatternCloud store search by the type of copyright protection.

    Any: Patterns set to Stitchout Any can be stitched on any Statler or Elevate by Gammill. These are still sold only for your personal use and are by license not allowed to be shared with others but there is no technical prevention built into the patterns themselves. Patterns with no encryption are likely to be more expensive as there is less protection for the designer to prevent illegal sharing. These are the same as unencrypted patterns in previous versions of CreativeStudio.

    Machines: Patterns set to Stitchout Machines can only be stitched on a Statler or Elevate registered to the User at the time of purchase. The Store will not let you add these patterns to your cart until you register your machine. This encryption is basically the same as encrypted patterns worked in previous versions of CreativeStudio.

    User: Patterns set to Stitchout User can be stitched on any Statler or Elevate while that User is logged into their account. This is a new form of encryption that allows protection for the designer while offering more flexibility for the user. For example: you buy a second stitcher, need to replace a red key or upgrade to a newer one, you do not have to contact the designer and have all your encrypted patterns redone with the new red key number. Or if you are visiting a friend you can login to your account on her machine and stitch out your patterns, but when you logout your patterns are no longer on her machine (thus you are able to stitch encrypted patterns that you own on other stitchers but do not risk violating copyright by accidentally “sharing” unencrypted patterns with your friend). For encrypted patterns purchased anywhere other than PatternCloud.com, CS7 works much the same way as CS6. You enter the red key/controller number when you import. You can then use the patterns in SAM mode but you will not be able to stitch them on any machine but the one they are encrypted to.

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