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Hand Guided Features

Hand guided sewing does not follow a pattern. The stitch path is determined by the quilter’s motion, and the stitching attributes are based on the style chosen; Regulated, Constant, Baste.

Hand guided stitch length is determined by one of the following options:

Regulated – means the stitch regulator is engaged, so SPI (stitches per inch) is precise.

Constant – means the stitch regulator is not engaged – and the stitch length is controlled by the speed of the sewing head. Constant speed is often used for microstitching, when tiny stitches are desirable.

Baste – is a special type of regulated stitch that produces very large stitches. The stitch size is measured in inches-per-stitch instead of stitches-per-inch. Basting is commonly used when squaring and stabilizing a quilt.