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Edge to Edge Troubleshooting

Thread Break/Bobbin Run Out

Auto Restart is triggered when the top thread breaks.  If the top thread is NOT broken and the bobbin has not run out, wrap the thread around the thread break sensor one more time and retry. If the bobbin has run out, the machine may not stop immediately because the thread break detection happens when the top thread stops moving.  Rethread and replace your bobbin as needed and trim threads. You may wish to remove the last few stitches if they are loose. Select Auto Restart and the head will move to the location where it stopped moving. Move the head to a new position if needed and select Use this Pt (Point). Use the Back and Fwd buttons to ensure you are in the correct spot. You may wish to move a few stitches back to overlap stitches. Once you are in the correct location, select Quilt. From here, pull up your bobbin and resume quilting. If you cancel stitching yourself, restart using  the restart icon. Then select your position for Use this Pt and continue as outlined above. 

Too Much Pattern at the End

For small adjustments, simply select the pattern and use the handles to adjust the size. If there is a great deal of pattern left or missing, you may need to use trim or fill to remove excess pattern sections. Select Draw Trim and Trim Inside. Using the mouse, draw a trim over the area you don’t wish to sew. Click here to learn more about Draw Trim.

Too Little Pattern at the End

Select the last row of patterns and right click. Select toggle group unsewn. You now have another row of patterns available to stitch. Position the head and roll the quilt. Repeat the Mark End of E2E Quilt process to mark the new end of the row.