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Designer Nodes Features

Designer Nodes are a special type that allow changes to the stitching settings. They can be used to change the stitch length (SPI), the stitching speed, or can force a pause in the stitching process, perhaps to allow a thread color change. There are three keywords which cause the settings to change, and they MUST be typed in CAPITAL letters. The keywords are PAUSE, SPEED, and SPI. Right click a pink node to see the dialog box.

  • PAUSE will force a pause in the stitching, and display a message on the screen.
  • SPEED nnn will change the stitching speed by a percentage (nnn <100 slows the speed,
    nnn =100 resets the speed to the original number, nnn > 100 increases the speed).
  • SPI nnn will change the stitches per inch, by a percentage. (nnn <100 makes smaller
    stitches, nnn >100 makes larger stitches.
    Dividing a pattern that has Designer Nodes will remove those nodes,