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CreativeStudio 7.5.4

Prior to Updating

Please complete the update during Gammill Tech Support business hours which are now 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. central Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. central Saturday and Sunday. To reach Tech Support, call 417-256-5919, Option 1.

Please read the installation instructions and download notes below prior to download.
Using CreativeStudio in stand alone mode requires a Windows PC.

Updating your Statler or SAM Computer

  1. Ensure your computer is online.
  2. Launch the CreativeStudio program.  You will receive a notification that the new update is available.
  3. Click ‘Download and Install’ to begin the process.

If you do not receive this message, please click ‘Service’, ‘Check for Updates’ to begin the process.

What’s New in CS 7.5.4

Sync Improvements
  • Sync logic has been improved.
  • Sync interface and messaging have been simplified.
  • In the event that Sync totals do not match, Gammill is automatically notified about the issue so our team can investigate the cause.
Project Integrity
  • Project files will automatically be tested for errors during the save process.
  • In the event an error occurs, the user will be notified to complete the project before exiting CreativeStudio.
  • PVM and iPattern imports are no longer restricted to 50 patterns.
  • SAM computers will no longer receive the “Stitcher not Registered to Account” message.
  • Splash Screen will now automatically close when a user clicks to learn more information.

Full Download

ONLY use the full download if you are installing on a computer that has never had any version of CS7 on it. To download the full version, click below, unzip the download and run the exe. DO NOT use the full download on any computer (machine or stand alone), that already has ANY version of CreativeStudio 7 installed.

Update File

The update file should not be used unless you already have CreativeStudio 7 installed and your computer does not have internet access to update the software. When using a usb drive to transfer the file, be sure to perform a virus scan on it prior to using the usb drive.

Install Troubleshooting

Click Here for troubleshooting during updating.  If these solutions do not work for you please call Tech Support at 417-256-5919 and we can assist you further.