Non-Functioning iPatternStudio

Moving Data from Non-Functioning iPattern Studio to CreativeStudio

These instructions are for Statler users who have patterns stored in iPatternStudio, but their iPatternStudio program is not working or will not export.

This method should ONLY be used if your iPatternStudio export function does not work.

The best method to get data out of iPatternStudio (iPS) and into CreativeStudio (CS) is to use the iPS export function found under iPS File, Export Data. But If iPS Export Data is NOT working, below is an alternative method.

Extreme care must be taken when following these instructions because they use the main iPS database to transfer pattern data into CS. Failure to follow instructions exactly could result in the complete loss of your iPS database. Read through the steps before starting. If you are not completely comfortable with all the steps enlist the assistance of someone who is before starting.

Click here for the complete instructions.

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